Witch Crafts: Beach in a Bowl


This craft is perfect for sea witches that  are land locked or far from the ocean. Or for any witch that wants the “beach” on their altar. Mine kind of looks like an altar for Aphrodite, so you could do that too. You can tweak it how you want, this is just to show you one way of doing it. Let’s get started!

-Sand (beach or white)
-Salt (sea salt, Himalayan pink salt, or table.)
-Mortar and pestle (for crushing sea salt or HPS)
-Glass bowl
-Empty glass votive or shot glass
-Large plastic bowl (to catch any stray sand. Gets kind of messy).
-Tiny shells (real or fake), gemstones, or other little trinkets you want to use.

*A note about the sand: If you use sand you’ve collected from the beach, first lay it out on a large pan to dry out. Make sure it is thoroughly dry before using it or it will stink and get moldy. Also, be sure to clean out your shells if you use real ones.

1. First, put your glass votive or shot glass into your glass bowl. Then put both into tour plastic bowl.


2. Grab your funnel and your sand. You may want to put the sand in a cup or jar to make it easier to pour into the funnel.   Place the funnel inside the bowl, but outside of the votive. You’re going to pour the sand all the way around the votive. Gently pour the sand in. Full it to just a little bit below the lip of the votive. That way the sand won’t flow over. Once you get all the sand in, gently shift it so that the sand lays out flat.



3. If you’re using sea salt or HPS, now is when you’d crush it in the mortar and pestle. I used sea salt to give it more of an ocean feel. But if all you have is table salt, that’s fine too.



4. Once you’re done crushing the salt, pour it into the votive.

5. Next, gently pour in the water. Again, just full it up to a little below the lip so it doesn’t spill out over the edge.


6. Lastly, add your shells, stones, or trinkets. I added shells, an amethyst, and a goddess figure. It turned out looking like an altar for Aphrodite. Which I love, because I’ve been really drawn to her lately.


You can altar yours to fit your tastes. You can also make it as big or small as your want. I wanted mine to fit on my altar.

Post any questions you may have below in the comments. I’d be happy to answer them. I’d also love to see variations.


New Moon Sun Tea


I’ve always wanted to make sun tea and I thought I’d add a little magic to it. The new moon is tonight so the intentions for this tea is “New beginnings”. Here’s what I did:

First I added in the ingredients.
Lavender for healing, purification, and sleep. One of my new beginnings is to get more sleep.


Lemon slice for cleansing, purification, spirituality, and removing blockages.


Fresh peppermint from the garden. Peppermint is good for healing and purification.


I put the herbs and lemon slice into a mason jar and poured in filtered water. If you don’t have a mason jar, any glass jar, bottle, or pitcher will do. Just make sure the container is glass (plastic has poisons that soak into the water when left in the sun) and has a lid. If it doesn’t have a lid, cover the top with a piece of fabric and secure it with string or a rubber band. Here’s mine:


When I finished putting the jar together, I added a sigil I made last night. The sigil I made was “new beginnings”. Simple, but effective. I also made a sigil card to go with it. The sigil card is lime my full moon goal cards. On the back I wrote out my new beginnings. I have three.


After the sigil was added, I set the jar outside where it would get lots of sun. I set it in the pot of my sunflower, Sunny. Now I just let it brew and charge in the sun and I’ll enjoy it tonight during the new moon.


Full Moon Goal Motivation Spell

This is a spell to help you stay motivated while reaching your goals. This spell is to be done on the night of the full moon or the night prior.

-Index card
-Pencil or pen
-Gemstone (I’ll explain what kind later)
-Himalayan Pink Salt (optional)


1. Cut the index card in half:


2. Next write down the word “goal” and “steps” like in the picture below (doesn’t have to be exactly like the picture):


3. Next, fill in your goal and the steps you want to take in order to reach your goal. Here’s one I did for my health:


4. Design a sigil to draw on the back. [You can find sigil making tutorials online. I’ll be making one soon.] It can be as complicated or as simple as you like:


5. After you draw up your sigil, say a prayer or incantation. I’m not going to include one here because I feel it’s best to say something from the heart. Feel free to call on a moon deity like Selene or Thoth.

6. This is where the gemstone and HPS come into play. Find a gemstone that goes with your goal. I used Blue Lace Agate foe mine. It’s specific for the thyroid. The Himalayan Pink Salt magnifies your intentions. Once you’ve found the stone you want to use, place the card writing side down on your window sill to be charged in the full moon. Place the gemstones and HPS on top.


I like to keep mine in place the whole month so they are constantly being charged in the sun. If you keep yours up during the day, make sure the gemstone you use won’t get discolored by the sun. Some gemstones do that, like amethyst. If you do have one of these, place something over the stone to protect it from the sun. I used a shell, but you could use a piece of paper or pretty scarf.




You can make as many of these cards as you want. Like I said, I leave mine on the sill at all times under the stone and HPS. I feel this works best. I tried putting them in a sachet to carry with me, but they instantly quit working when I did that.

Now watch as your goals are accomplished!

*Please note that you still have to put in effort to reach your goals. This spell is just to help keep you motivated.

Emergency Heart Stint

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Witchy Wednesday: New Moon

Lately I haven’t been feeling very spiritual. My altar was a mess, I hadn’t felt like performing any rituals or spells, and I haven’t been working on my year and a day. I’ve just feeling kind of bleh.

Last night I thought I would try to get my groove back. It was the perfect night for it with the new moon and lunar eclipse. Even though I wouldn’t be able to see the eclipse here in Florida, I could still fell the energy. I set up my new altar design and made a sachet. I even made some seashell tea light candles to go with my new altar set up.

My sachet was to attract self love and the attributes I want to work in order to attract true love out my soul mate.
I sewed the sachet myself. [I will be making a sachet sewing tutorial soon.]

Sticking with the theme of self love/true love, I decided to set up my altar to honor Aphrodite. She was the goddess I called upon when I made my sachet. I don’t have a statue or picture of her (as she is not my patron goddesses), so I just added a bunch of seashells. I don’t usually add Sabbat decorations to my altars. I will usually do an item or two for symbolism, but I didn’t do anything for Ostara. Easter was always my least favorite holiday and that has carried over to Ostara now that I’m practicing Paganism.





What did you do for the eclipse/new moon


What did you do for the eclipse/new moon?



I’ve had a hard time focusing on starting my goals. Actually I’ve had a hard time focusing on anything lately. I’ve been having lots of flare ups as well as bad insomnia the past few weeks. I have been trying to slowly work towards my goals though I guess slowly is better than not at all.

Well I never did post my goals so here they are. The main goals are in bold and then made a list of steps to accomplish each goal. I think one reason I can’t focus is I feel a bit overwhelmed. I realize I have set a lot of goals so I’m just going to work on them as best as I can and pace myself. It’s okay if I don’t accomplish all of them as long as I just continue to better myself. The one goal that I am serious about is getting my Hashimoto’s under control. That’s why I’ve listed it first.

HealthGet Hashimoto’s Under Control

  1. Avoid Gluten
  2. Avoid Sugar
  3. Avoid Dairy
  4. Drink 8 glasses a day
  5. Sleep Schedule
  6. Exercise
  7. Cut down on Computer and phone time
  8. Stay on top of Doctor’s visits

Spiritual- Continue spiritual journey

  1. Year and A Day
  2. Meditate Daily
  3. Daily Prayer
  4. Read scriptures 4+ times a week
  5. 1 Ritual a week
  6. Read 1 chapter of Pagan book a day
  7. Reiki Attunement
  8. Heal Chakras
  9. Expound knowledge
  10. Gratitude journal
  11. Chronicle dreams

Career- Work harder and more hours

  1. Make daily goals and work hard to meet them
  2. Set up Marketing schedule
  3. Online Marketing once a week
  4. Search for local events
  5. Clean up salon
  6. Refreshments for salon
  7. Stay on top of online Media
  8. Style hair daily
  9. Watch one continuing education a day
  10. Search for local CE classes

Financial- Budget, save, and cut frivolous spending

  1. Slowly chip away at debt
  2. Catch up on tithing
  3. Fill out loan repayment plan
  4. Make a Monthly budget page
  5. Keep better spending records
  6. Prepare for taxes
  7. Save $5 a day
  8. Separate savings for big items to purchase

Blog- Improve blog

  1. Schedule posts
  2. Come up with post ideas
  3. Start with at least 3 posts a week
  4. Plan posts better
  5. Take better (and More) pictures
  6. Water Mark all pictures
  7. Buy SD card for phone

Journal- Catch up and write in more

  1. Catch up on journal
  2. Write a little each day
  3. Come up with journal topics for when I have nothing to write about

Etsy- Update more and market more

  1. Update shop
  2. Work on projects a little each day
  3. Work supply Money into budget
  4. Plan item designs better
  5. Expand inventory
  6. Plan product description well ahead of time
  7. Sabbat related items

Social- Socialize more

  1. Attend More local events (More for Marketing)
  2. Attend More rituals and other Meetup events
  3. Make meetup calendar


  1. Write a little each day
  2. Work on books
  3. If writer’s block then write short stories
  4. Work on dad’s book


  1. Practice portraits
  2. Work on art league painting (even if I never enter)


  1. Complete 50%-100% of reading list


  1. Altar
  2. Craft Supplies
  3. Dresser
  4. Books
  5. Under the bed
  6. Little Room
  7. Salon
  8. Car


Yule 2015


This year was my second Yule. Last year Yule was the first Sabbat I ever celebrated. I was also sick for my first Yule Guess what? I was sick for this one too, which I’m okay with because it isn’t one of my favorite Sabbats.

The Friday before was nice though. I was in my first ritual! I’ve attended a few public rituals before now, but I’ve never actually been in one. There is a Druid Grove in close to me (like two minutes away). I’ve met most of the members during the other public rituals. The leader (not sure what they are called in a Druid Grove) invited me to join their  meetup.com group. I did. They then added me to their FB group and then asked if I wanted to be written into their Yule ritual. I kind of felt obligated (for some reason), but also because I wanted to do it. It felt nice to be included.

My part was calling to the West corner and dealing the element Water. Of course the first time I was supposed to call I was facing East. I had gotten my directions mixed up because I had only attended one other ritual at this place and wasn’t sure which way was West from there. I was slightly embarrassed but I caught on quickly after that.

The ritual was really nice. We honored the Celtic Crone goddess Cailleach. This was the first time I had ever heard of her. I believe in other gods and goddesses, but I  don’t worship them. It’s always interesting to learn about them too.

On Sunday the 20th, my sister and I went to Ocala with my dad to a Christmas party with his side of the family. We had a white elephant gift exchange. I managed to get a cute candle that had chalk blackboard  painted on the outside and a piece of chalk (pictured below). I thought it’d be perfect to use during spells to write intentions, sigils, or runes with.


For actual Yule, I was feeling sick again so I didn’t do much. Plus I worked during the day and was too tired to do any kind of ritual. I did end up watching Home Alone 2 with my mom and sister while I wrote my pen pals letters.



I also burned my new oil lamp (pictured at the top) That was the only festive thing I could manage.

This is my Yule altar (I don’t usually go all out for Sabbat decorations. I like to keep it simple)

DSCN1426 DSCN1435

Even though I didn’t, do much I still had a nice Yule. I’ll also be posting about my Christmas.

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