Life Update


About a month ago I started going back to the Mormon church. I had been missing it lately. I like being back. I know it’s where I need to be. From now on you’ll see Mormon related posts. I’ll still post about other things so don’t worry. I’ll still keep some Pagan practices as well. I’m actually doing a 90 day Book of Mormon challenge on my Instagram if you want to join in. My IG is @ldsgingerasrai.


I don’t think I ever updated you on my thyroid levels. I went to my general physician and Endocrinologist and they both told me that my levels are normal! That’s awesome news. I still notice symptoms from my Hashimotos, but I have a lot more good days then bad days now. I really think that it was my Graves medication (Methimozole) that kept me sick. My new Endo said that my old Endo was over medicating me. She took me off my meds at the beginning of the year and ever since then I have slowly started feeling better.

I still haven’t gone back to doing Whole 30, but I’m really trying. When you’re on it you have to cook every meal. But that’s been hard because I don’t have the energy most days. I know that if I go back on that I will have energy. It’s a vicious cycle. I also need to plan my meals better, that’s a huge part of it. I’ll get back to it though. I really want to start taking care of myself. I want to keep my thyroid levels normal and get my Hashimotos under control.

I have signed up at Planet Fitness 3 weeks ago. I really enjoy going (when I have the energy). I try to go even when i don’t have the energy, but some days it’s really bad. I did good the first week, but these past two weeks I’ve only been a few times. I’m still losing weight most days. I’ve lost a total of 24 pounds!


My sister has been on her mission for a month now. Only 17 months left! I miss her so much, but she is doing the Lord’s work. She’s really enjoying it. I knew she would, she’s a great missionary.

On July 30th, my nephew Carter turned 3. I can’t believe how big he is getting! He’s such a character.


Follow the Yellow Brick Road

As you may or may not know, I was raised Mormon. I’ve kind of become inactive over the past couple of years. My younger sister however, has stayed very active. She has even prepared to serve a mission. It was a bumpy road for her to prepare. She had also developed thyroid problems a couple of years ago. She was diagnosed with Graves Disease, Hashimotos, and Thyroiditis. She even had to have her thyroid removed. None of that discouraged her though and she submitted her mission papers of the summer. She got her call to Wichita, Kansas. She was very excited! She said she didn’t care where she went. She’d go wherever the Lord needed her to go.

She reported to the MTC over two weeks ago on Wednesday, August 3rd. My whole family dropped her off at the airport that Tuesday. It was very hard because we are all so close. We’re going to miss her very much, but she is doing the Lord’s work and we know she will be taken care of. She went to college for a year out in Utah, but that was different. We could talk to her on the phone. Now we only get to email and write her letters. We still get a call on Christmas Day and Mother’s day. It’s going to be hard, but we’ll get through it. It’s only for a year and half. She’ll receive blessings because of it and she’s doing good things.

Here’s a picture of she and I before she boarded her plane. Please excuse my hot mess hair.


Here she is with my brother, sister-in-law, and nephew. My nephew was upset that he couldn’t go with Jensen.13886434_10208551968293508_8417478633378716193_n

Here she is holding her mission call. Wichita, Kansas!

mission call

 This is her Wizard of Of themed farewell cake. 

Scripture Sunday

Every year the Mormons are challenged to read the Book of Mormon in 365 days.

And every year I attempt to do so and fail.

Maybe this year will be different? I’ve already gotten a late start by just starting 2 days ago. Better late then never though right? [My life motto]

My main problem is I always start in from the beginning, in 1 Nephi and end up getting bored because I’ve read it like a thousand times. I then get frustrated and quit. This time I decided to jump around and go at my own pace.

I started with 3 Nephi 1.


Before I summarize the chapter, I just wanted to point out something in verse 3. It reads:

“Then he [Nephi Sr.] departed out of the land, and whither he went, no man knoweth;”

I just thought that was interested because it said the same thing about Helaman. Is that how the elderly died? They just wandered off and never came back? It sounds like it was a common thing that just happened and no one questioned it. I just thought it was weird. Alright, on to the summary of the chapter.

In Helaman, the people were given warning by the prophets that there would be signs in 5 years time to mark the birth of the Savior. They were also told about the sign the night before the birth.

[Helaman 14:2] “…great lights in heaven, insomuch that the night before he cometh there shall be no darkness, insomuch that it shall appear unto man as if it were day.” After this night of no darkness, the Saviour would be born and then a star would appear.

When the 5 years had come, the people began to see the signs and witness many miracles, yet there were those that didn’t believe. How could they not believe when they were actually witnessing these thing? The naysayers then decided to kill the believers. Even though, the believers were going to be put to death, their faith did not dwindle because they knew the sign was coming.

When Nephi found out about the naysayers, he went to the Lord and prayed and the Lord gave them the sign.

The sign finally came, the night without darkness, and that is finally when the non-believers started to believe.

These people were given a 5 year warning that there were going to be many signs marking the Savior’s  birth, they witnessed the many signs and miracles, and still didn’t believe until darkness was taken away from them.

It just goes to show how stubborn and faithless people are on less they are given hardcore physical evidence. We have to be like the believers and hold steadfast through the end.

Where are you in your scripture reading?

Hello, old friend.

Lt. Dan

It’s really good to see you once again.

I felt really inspired to blog today. Probably because it’s been about a year since the last time that I posted. With the New Year ringing in, I thought it would be nice to update my blog and post my resolutions (even though January is almost over). Better late then never though, ay? Maybe if I blog about them, I’ll actually get started on them (no promises).

One of my unofficial resolutions is to start blogging again, though as we all know (don’t pretend like you don’t), I am a horrible blogger. Well, my posts are fairly decent, but my frequency…yeah not so much. That is all going to change this year (maybe. If I feel like it). The reason I quit blogging before was I felt like I had nothing to blog about and became uninspired. This year I will blog even if I have nothing to blog about (I’ll make something good up).

Alright, enough with the babble you most likely didn’t read and on to my New Years Resolutions!!!

[Maybe I’ll actually keep one]

I’ve organized them into categories because I like organizing and I like making lists. I will also be creating separate blog posts this week to expound on these resolutions further.

Organization- This is the first item on the list because without it, all my other resolutions would be floating around in the air like bubbles. Side note:I want to call my ‘resolutions’ ‘goals’ from now on. I don’t like the word ‘resolution’. It makes it sound like a chore. Moving on, organization pertains to my life in general, as well as my living quarters. Part of the organization starts now by organizing my goals. More on my Organization Goal here.

Career- Recently I had to quit doing hair due to chronic back pain and find other means of work. I lucked out and was able to find a job taking care of an elderly man over night at his house. It’s still hard on my back (when I have to lift him), but it’s not as bad as when I did hair. Plus I make like three times as much money. Though this job is almost perfect for me right now, it won’t last. The man is almost 93 and well, you know. I must think ahead and find what my next move is. I’m right in the middle of a career change. It’s actually the perfect time to follow my dreams of becoming a commission artist.

Spiritual- I was born and raised Mormon. That being said, I’ve never been the most active or spiritual. Sure I went to church and I have a testimony, but I’ve never made it a big part of my life. I’ve always been a part time Mormon. I’ve always had religion, but I haven’t always had spirituality. [For my non-Mormon readers is a great place to read about us.] This year I want to really work on my spirituality. I haven’t been to church in a long time due to work, but I still wish to grow spiritually and think I can do so on my own (for now).

Health- This is another major goal of mine. I’ve always been over weight, and thus have had a lot of health issues. I also think that losing weight will help with my other health issues (blood pressure, back pain).

Financial- One of my major goals this year is to get my financial affairs in order. I have a lot of money in debt from student loans and medical bills. Part of this goal will be creating a budget, the other part will actually be sticking to it. I’ve never been good with money. I impulse buy on frivolous things. Well, my goal is to stop that and to focus on paying off my debt.

Personal- These are more of a misc.

  • Learn a new skill-maybe crocheting or piano. Maybe both?
  • Learn a new language- I took Spanish and German in high school but have since forgotten basically all of it. I want to refresh one of them. Probably Spanish because it’s more useful.
  • Cook more- I’ve recently gotten into cooking and I want to hone my cooking skills.
  • Write more-I’ve recently gotten into writing, and I want to pursue it more. I have a few ideas for novels that I want to start.
  • Read more-I’ve always been an avid, but lately I’ve hit a plateau. I want to branch out of more normal genres.
  • Gardening-I started a small herb garden in like a month ago. My goal right now is to keep them alive.

Blog- This is an unofficial goal because I know that I am a flaky blogger. I also want to put here that even though this will still be a blog about my health journey, I will also be blogging about my other goals listed. So you will see artsy and spiritual things as well as my health progress. I’ve even changed the URL from to Like I said earlier, this week I will be posting more detailed posts on my goals explaining why I made them and how I intend to accomplish them. I’ll also be changing the look of my blog. This layout is getting kind of stale.