Art in St. Pete

This past Saturday my mom invited me to go to St. Pete with her. Her friend was having an art show and my mom wanted to support her. We didn’t end up leaving until 2pm and it’s about a 2 bout drive for us so we decided to just spend the night down there. We only spent about an hour at the art show because it was hot and the gallery didn’t have A/C. The gallery was in the art district of downtown St. Pete so when we left we drove around looking at all the murals.

This Tesla mural was by far my favorite. One of the other artists at the show actually painted it. I forgot her name.

Here are some more murals we found around town. The octupi are my other favorites because they are my favorite animal.:

After we drove looking at murals, we decided to get something to eat . My mom’s friend suggested The Pizza Box because they had gluten free pizza.

It still had cheese on it so I still go a little sick afterwards, but totally worth it.

While we were waiting for a spot to open up at The Pizza Box, we HD walked around town A little. We came across this wall that said “Before I Die…”

There was a basket of chalk so we added what we wanted to do before we died. I put travel the world.

My mom put live in a van down by the river.

After dinner we stopped by Publix to get some treats. The Publix had was two stories. The first floor was parking and you had to ride an elevator to get to the store on the second floor. I thought it was pretty cool. Once we got to the motel, we just chilled. I watched Doctor Who while she watched whatever she watched. It was nice to have internet since we still don’t have it at home. 

The next day, check out wasn’t until noon so we slept in. That was nice since o usually can’t sleep in any bed that isn’t mine. The blanket was itchy and the A/C kept making weird noises. When we left we stopped At the beach. St. Pete is on the Gulf coast which I enjoy a lot more. 

We only spent about two hours there, then we headed home. Here are some more pictures from around town including a Thunderbird hotel for my fellow Potterheads:

Here some pictures on the drive home including an Air stream monument And Dino World:

Here is a giant Pokeball at a Target on the way there:

Hair supply store in the ghetto part of town:

And some cloud pictures. Can’t forget those:

We had a fun time and it was a nice little weekend trip. We definitely can’t wait to go back!

R.I.P Alan Rickman


When I first heard the news this morning, I didn’t believe my mother when she told me.

It couldn’t be true. I Googled it and some sources were saying it was a hoax, but then I found it on BBC News and it finally sunk in.

Alan Rickman had passed away this morning from cancer at the age of 69.

I didn’t even know he was sick.

Though I wasn’t a fan of Severus Snape, the role he is most famous for, Alan did an amazing job portraying him.

Alan was an amazing actor altogether and he will be missed.


Madison’s Pensieve

This morning I woke up around 5am and couldn’t go back to sleep even though I was still really exhausted. I haven’t been getting much sleep lately (what else is new) so I tried really hard to fall back to sleep. After tossing and turning for a couple of hours I finally decided to get up. Though I was physically exhausted, my mind was wide awake. Something that often happens to me. This time I decided I’d start one of my other new year’s goals I have: writing in my journal.

It wasn’t my typical entry of catching up because I had gone too long since last writing (this time it has been about 19 months). Those entries are never helpful in my racing mind, no sleep situations. I just wrote down the highlights of the past year and half and said I’d come back to them. I then wrote down my current thoughts that were on my mind. I wrote for exactly an hour. I wrote truthfully too. Usually I just write hinting at certain things for fear someone might find my journal and read it. This time I wrote down everything on my mind. It was very therapeutic. It has also motivated me to keep up my journal habit it because I still have a lot more to get off my mind.


Every time I write in my journal I feel like Dumbledore pulling a memory from his mind and putting it into his pensieve. I just hope no one finds my pensieve later and decides to fall into and re-live my memories. Especially with what’s been on my mind lately.

Journal writing is very therapeutic. I don’t know why I don’t do it more often. I bet I’d get more sleep. My main reason is because I feel over whelmed about having to catch up after a long break. Well after today’s entry I definitely feel motivated to keep it up. Keeping up on it will make it less over whelming. Good job Madison. Yes I just had an epiphany and then congratulated myself on it.

I thought I’d share a picture of my journal:



I modeled it after River Song’s Tardis journal. I was going to name it River after her (because I like to name things), but for some reason it just didn’t fit. Every time I write an entry, I automatically imagine myself writing to an old, wise woman. Like a grandmother figure. Not my grandma, but a nicer one. The grandmother I never had. That’s why I named my journal Mrs. Nesbit. Yes it’s after Toy Story, but I thought it would be a funny grandmother name. Every journal entry now starts with Dear Mrs. Nesbit. It’s nice because when I don’t really have something to write about (which is rare), I’ll just tell her about my day. Makes journal writing easier and more enjoyable.

mrs. nesbit

Well now that I’ve gotten a lot of mind for this morning, I think it’s time to go back to sleep.