Weekly Goals 6/6/16-6/12/16

Get more sleep: These past two weeks I haven’t gone to bed before 4am. It’s been horrible. This week I’m going to really try to get on a better sleeping schedule.
Start walking again: Because of my lake of sleep I’ve gotten behind on my walking.
Add in strength training: My sister called me dainty. I don’t want to be dainty. I want to be a warrior!

Meditate more: I always talk about it, but don’t actually do it.

Work more hours: It’s a slow week so far and I need monies.

Finish my mini altars: I want to get them listed by the end of the week.




I’ve had a hard time focusing on starting my goals. Actually I’ve had a hard time focusing on anything lately. I’ve been having lots of flare ups as well as bad insomnia the past few weeks. I have been trying to slowly work towards my goals though I guess slowly is better than not at all.

Well I never did post my goals so here they are. The main goals are in bold and then made a list of steps to accomplish each goal. I think one reason I can’t focus is I feel a bit overwhelmed. I realize I have set a lot of goals so I’m just going to work on them as best as I can and pace myself. It’s okay if I don’t accomplish all of them as long as I just continue to better myself. The one goal that I am serious about is getting my Hashimoto’s under control. That’s why I’ve listed it first.

HealthGet Hashimoto’s Under Control

  1. Avoid Gluten
  2. Avoid Sugar
  3. Avoid Dairy
  4. Drink 8 glasses a day
  5. Sleep Schedule
  6. Exercise
  7. Cut down on Computer and phone time
  8. Stay on top of Doctor’s visits

Spiritual- Continue spiritual journey

  1. Year and A Day
  2. Meditate Daily
  3. Daily Prayer
  4. Read scriptures 4+ times a week
  5. 1 Ritual a week
  6. Read 1 chapter of Pagan book a day
  7. Reiki Attunement
  8. Heal Chakras
  9. Expound knowledge
  10. Gratitude journal
  11. Chronicle dreams

Career- Work harder and more hours

  1. Make daily goals and work hard to meet them
  2. Set up Marketing schedule
  3. Online Marketing once a week
  4. Search for local events
  5. Clean up salon
  6. Refreshments for salon
  7. Stay on top of online Media
  8. Style hair daily
  9. Watch one continuing education a day
  10. Search for local CE classes

Financial- Budget, save, and cut frivolous spending

  1. Slowly chip away at debt
  2. Catch up on tithing
  3. Fill out loan repayment plan
  4. Make a Monthly budget page
  5. Keep better spending records
  6. Prepare for taxes
  7. Save $5 a day
  8. Separate savings for big items to purchase

Blog- Improve blog

  1. Schedule posts
  2. Come up with post ideas
  3. Start with at least 3 posts a week
  4. Plan posts better
  5. Take better (and More) pictures
  6. Water Mark all pictures
  7. Buy SD card for phone

Journal- Catch up and write in more

  1. Catch up on journal
  2. Write a little each day
  3. Come up with journal topics for when I have nothing to write about

Etsy- Update more and market more

  1. Update shop
  2. Work on projects a little each day
  3. Work supply Money into budget
  4. Plan item designs better
  5. Expand inventory
  6. Plan product description well ahead of time
  7. Sabbat related items

Social- Socialize more

  1. Attend More local events (More for Marketing)
  2. Attend More rituals and other Meetup events
  3. Make meetup calendar


  1. Write a little each day
  2. Work on books
  3. If writer’s block then write short stories
  4. Work on dad’s book


  1. Practice portraits
  2. Work on art league painting (even if I never enter)


  1. Complete 50%-100% of reading list


  1. Altar
  2. Craft Supplies
  3. Dresser
  4. Books
  5. Under the bed
  6. Little Room
  7. Salon
  8. Car


Humpday Motivation [3/25/15]

Since I missed Monday Motivation, here is some Humpday Motivation to get over that hump and on with the rest of your week.


Health-New Year’s Goal #4


Back in 2012, I became really sick. I was diagnosed with 2 auto-immune disorders and had a mass inside my chest. I ended up having to have surgery to remove the mass. The 9 months leading up to the surgery were brutal though. I was always sick and had to have several different tests done. The whole time they weren’t sure if it was cancerous or not. Luckily it was not. It was just an enlarged thymus. During this period of illness, I had to put my weight loss on hold. I didn’t have the energy to exercise, nor would my body let me. I could barely walk most days. My body was fighting against me. I lost my appetite. I did end up losing 30 pounds, but at an unhealthy rate of about 3 weeks. I was throwing up a lot and had about 2 migraines a day everyday for 2 months. After my surgery though, it started to recover. Most of my symptoms went away. I was able to go on medicine to control my auto-immune disorders. I was starting to get back to normal and started eating again. I did end up gaining the 30 pounds back, but I figured I would since I had lost it mostly from not being able to eat. I also gained an extra 30 pounds while I recovered due to inactivity. Not good. I also developed chronic back pain. This back pain has prevented me from starting working out again. It hurts when I try to work out. It hurts when I sit and it hurts when I lay down. I’ve been to the doctor and I’ve had x-rays, yet they don’t know what it is. My guess is from lack of activity and carrying around that extra 30 pounds. It’s been little over 2 years from my surgery and I’m still carrying it. My goal this year is to finally get rid of the weight, plus a little extra. I still have chronic back pain so I’m going to have to start slow. I want to focus mostly on changing my diet it for right now. Hopefully I can lose some weight just for that and it will help my back feel better. Once it does, I can slowly introduce exercise again. I do have some back stretches I can do to kind of alleviate then pain until then. I’ve tried to do yoga, but this extra weight has also put strain on my hips and knees, making it hard to do some of the poses. I won’t give up though. I’m going to look so some simple sitting exercises I can do on here for now. I’ve made some small goals to start with and slowly work my way up as I lose weight:

Month 1:

  • Cut fast food– I eat out way too much because I don’t feel like cooking.
  • Drink more water-I don’t enough as I should. My goal is eight glasses a day. I’m going to start drinking infused water again.
  • Back stretches-A physical therapist friend of mine gave me some back stretches to do for my lower back pain. I’m going to do these once a day to help minimize my pain.
  • Seated workouts-I’ve found some seated workouts on Pinterest and Sparkpeople that I think will work without hurting my back.
  • Develop a better sleep pattern-This one will be tricky because I work overnight on the weekend, but I want to work out a sleep schedule that will fit in with that. I’ll just shoot for 8-9 hours of sleep a day.

Month 2:

  • Cut all processed foods-My goal is to eat completely clean, which means no processed foods (canned, frozen, etc.)
  • Introduce yoga – Hopefully my back pain will have eased some by now and I can re-introduce yoga back into my workout regime.

Month 3:

  • Completely clean– My goal is to be eating completely clean by now, drinking lots of water, and getting well rested.
  • Start walking again-I used to love walking for exercise. I was able to walk between 3-5 miles a day. But that was when I was younger and before my surgery and extra weight. By month 3 though, I want to be able to start doing it again. Starting with at least 1 mile a day.

Year’s End:

  • Lose 30 pounds – I’m setting my goal low because in the past I have set it up way too high and have failed. Mostly because the goal was always too unrealistic. I think 30 pounds in 11 months is definitely doable though.

Well, these are the health goals that I have so far, I will make more as I go.

I have also have updated my Sparkpeople.com account, so if you have one to feel free to add me as a friend and we can go on this health journey together.

Hello, old friend.

Lt. Dan

It’s really good to see you once again.

I felt really inspired to blog today. Probably because it’s been about a year since the last time that I posted. With the New Year ringing in, I thought it would be nice to update my blog and post my resolutions (even though January is almost over). Better late then never though, ay? Maybe if I blog about them, I’ll actually get started on them (no promises).

One of my unofficial resolutions is to start blogging again, though as we all know (don’t pretend like you don’t), I am a horrible blogger. Well, my posts are fairly decent, but my frequency…yeah not so much. That is all going to change this year (maybe. If I feel like it). The reason I quit blogging before was I felt like I had nothing to blog about and became uninspired. This year I will blog even if I have nothing to blog about (I’ll make something good up).

Alright, enough with the babble you most likely didn’t read and on to my New Years Resolutions!!!

[Maybe I’ll actually keep one]

I’ve organized them into categories because I like organizing and I like making lists. I will also be creating separate blog posts this week to expound on these resolutions further.

Organization- This is the first item on the list because without it, all my other resolutions would be floating around in the air like bubbles. Side note:I want to call my ‘resolutions’ ‘goals’ from now on. I don’t like the word ‘resolution’. It makes it sound like a chore. Moving on, organization pertains to my life in general, as well as my living quarters. Part of the organization starts now by organizing my goals. More on my Organization Goal here.

Career- Recently I had to quit doing hair due to chronic back pain and find other means of work. I lucked out and was able to find a job taking care of an elderly man over night at his house. It’s still hard on my back (when I have to lift him), but it’s not as bad as when I did hair. Plus I make like three times as much money. Though this job is almost perfect for me right now, it won’t last. The man is almost 93 and well, you know. I must think ahead and find what my next move is. I’m right in the middle of a career change. It’s actually the perfect time to follow my dreams of becoming a commission artist.

Spiritual- I was born and raised Mormon. That being said, I’ve never been the most active or spiritual. Sure I went to church and I have a testimony, but I’ve never made it a big part of my life. I’ve always been a part time Mormon. I’ve always had religion, but I haven’t always had spirituality. [For my non-Mormon readers Mormon.org is a great place to read about us.] This year I want to really work on my spirituality. I haven’t been to church in a long time due to work, but I still wish to grow spiritually and think I can do so on my own (for now).

Health- This is another major goal of mine. I’ve always been over weight, and thus have had a lot of health issues. I also think that losing weight will help with my other health issues (blood pressure, back pain).

Financial- One of my major goals this year is to get my financial affairs in order. I have a lot of money in debt from student loans and medical bills. Part of this goal will be creating a budget, the other part will actually be sticking to it. I’ve never been good with money. I impulse buy on frivolous things. Well, my goal is to stop that and to focus on paying off my debt.

Personal- These are more of a misc.

  • Learn a new skill-maybe crocheting or piano. Maybe both?
  • Learn a new language- I took Spanish and German in high school but have since forgotten basically all of it. I want to refresh one of them. Probably Spanish because it’s more useful.
  • Cook more- I’ve recently gotten into cooking and I want to hone my cooking skills.
  • Write more-I’ve recently gotten into writing, and I want to pursue it more. I have a few ideas for novels that I want to start.
  • Read more-I’ve always been an avid, but lately I’ve hit a plateau. I want to branch out of more normal genres.
  • Gardening-I started a small herb garden in like a month ago. My goal right now is to keep them alive.

Blog- This is an unofficial goal because I know that I am a flaky blogger. I also want to put here that even though this will still be a blog about my health journey, I will also be blogging about my other goals listed. So you will see artsy and spiritual things as well as my health progress. I’ve even changed the URL from madisonsmission2.wordpress.com to madhealthyginger.wordpress.com. Like I said earlier, this week I will be posting more detailed posts on my goals explaining why I made them and how I intend to accomplish them. I’ll also be changing the look of my blog. This layout is getting kind of stale.