Like a Surgeon

Every January I talk about how I’m going to become a better blogger. By the time February rolls around I realize that that’s a lie. I hope to change that this year. There are going to be a lot of changes. I have already started some. But first I’d like to catch you up on what’s been going on in my life.

As you know my thyroid hates me and has been plotting against me since 2012. At the end of 2015, I was taken off of the anti-thyroid medications that had been bogging me down for the previous 3 years. Not only were they cramping my style (because of like a thousand side effects), they were damaging my liver. My new Endo was like “Woah man! We need to take you off that crap like right meow.” Okay, she said it more professionally, but you get the idea. So she took me off the meds and I started seeing rainbows and cartoon birds everywhere I went. Well not really, but I was starting to feel better. I wasn’t as lethargic and I actually felt like doing things. My chronic back pain wasn’t as bad and I was able to go to the gym and work on my fitness with Fergie. Towards the end of the year, I had lost 30 pounds and I thought that it could only get better. Sike! I started feeling crappy again. My tremors were back and so was my lethargy and chronic pain. I shook my fists at the heavens and yelled “Why!?!” while rain poured on my face and dramatic music played in the background. I went back to my Endo so she could run some tests and charge me 5 million dollars. Her conclusion? I was hyperactive again. Not just a little, but super, turbo hyper active. My Graves antibodies were through the roof. They are supposed to be at 35 or lower. Mine were a little over 2,000. Yes, I used three zeros there. With this news she gave me two options: remove it with surgery or kill it with radioactive iodine. The second one seemed sketch, so I was like “yeah give me that surgery,yo.” Just kidding I don’t really talk like that, but you know what I mean. Another reason I picked the surgery was because my sister had it done lasted year and it turned out very well for her. Fast forward to today, I met with my surgeon. This was the same surgeon that my sister had, the one recommended to me by my Endo. He did an exam on my neck and said I didn’t have any nodules (which I already knew), nor did I have cancer (which I also already knew). He said that because I had neither, he didn’t think that I should get the surgery. That was a relief because I really didn’t want the surgery. That just left me with the sketch radioactive iodine. Rut row. The surgeon and I discussed it though and it actually doesn’t seem so bad. He said that there may be some side effects, but that they’d be temporary. I’d also have to get a hotel room for a few days because I couldn’t be around people. So for this treatment, I take a pill that kills my thyroid and then I get to avoid people for a few days. Sounds like a win for me. I also wont have to miss as much work as I had originally thought which is nice. A couple of downsides to not having the surgery is I won’t get to have a cool battle scar that matches my sister’s. I also won’t get to keep Lestrade (my thyroid) in a jar. Haha that would have been gross and I totally wouldn’t have done it? Now all I have to do is wait to hear from my Endo telling me when to come in and get the treatment. Hopefully soon so I can just get it over with. Well I think I’ve bored you enough for tonight. That’s pretty much all I’ve been up to. If I think of more I will make another post later. I’m also going to make some 2017 goal blog posts so look for those. For now, Adieu.

[Side note: how I named my thyroid Lestrade. Greg Lestrade from BBC Sherlock is played by Rupert Graves. I have Graves Disease that is causing my thyroid problems. Well I thought I was being funny at least.]


Thyroid & Chronic Pain Update

It’s exactly a month since I last posted. For that, I am only a little sorry. It’s because I’ve been so busy at work making it rain money!

It’s also been a while since I’ve done a thyroid update.

When I last saw my Rheumatologist, it was because my General doctor noticed my rheumatoid levels were high. The rheumatologist quickly dismissed that because “my levels were high, but not high enough to be rheumatoid arthritis”. What is the cause of my chronic pain then? He did some tests were he poked me in certain spots and asked me “does that hurt?”. After several “yes” and “no” answers, he finally said he wanted to do some “blood work”. He gave me an order to get some blood labs done at Quest. Then and left and I was charged $45. This I what I had waited an hour past my appointment time for.

I got my blood work done at Quest like I was supposed to. The rheumatologist office said I should hear from them in a few days for the results. Two weeks passed and I still hadn’t heard from them. I gave them a call and the nurse said that my results came back normal. I asked her what the doctor wanted me to do and she said he didn’t say. Thanks for the help. Not. So I didn’t have RA and I didn’t have Firbro. What now?

I decided to go back to my regular doctor. This was during December, the busy season at work, so I kind of forgot to call him for a while. When the pain got worse is when I remembered. When I did finally call, the nurse said that my doctor was going to be about for a while for neck surgery. The soonest I could get in was March 1st.

During my appointment with my doctor, I told him about what happened with the Rheumatologist. He said “there isn’t a blood test for fibromyalgia”. That’s comforting. He told me I need to go back to Dr. Stark (not Ironman unfortunately) and tell I’m still having pain and make him do something about. You mean you want me to pay $45 to tell a doctor to do the job he’s supposed to be doing? No thanks. I’ve found another rheumatologist through a client that also has Hashimotos. I’ll just get a referral to go to him. This client with Hashis was telling me about a disorder she got from a vitamin D deficiency (which I have). She said it’s called Osteomalacia. It causes pain in the bones (especially the lower back, hips, legs, and feet), the pain is worse at night, exhaustion, and weak muscles. These are all my symptoms! The doctor she is going to is Dr. Gonzales. He’s the one treating her for Osteomalacia. He has her on 50,000 iu of vitamin D and calcium. I’m going to call my doctor on Monday and get a referral for Dr. Gonzales. Hopefully he can help me too.

Thyroid Update
During my last thyroid update I told you I no longer had Graves Disease. I had an appointment with my Endo this post Monday (2/29/15). She was weaning me off my Methimozole. This visit I was supposed to get lab results back on my TSH and other T levels. The nurse said she’d send over the lab request to the Quest near me so I didn’t have to drive an hour just for blood work. I went and got my bloodwork done before my appointment like I was supposed to. When my appointment day came, I drove an hour to the office, waited 45 minutes part my appointment time, and paid $20. When I finally saw the doctor she said the wrong labs were sunny to Quest and that they didn’t have my results for my levels. That was the whole point of this visit! They took my blood for this visit and did they’d have results in a couple of days. The only reason why I’m pissed (besides the obvious) is because I’ve been off my Methimozole since February 5th and I can still feel my tremors. They’re not as bad as before I was diagnosed. But it still worries me. What if I went back to hyper and need to be on my meds again? Well idk bc I got the wrong results. I told my doctor about my tremors and she just said well I can’t know until I see the results. What if I have a thyroid storm the mean time? She also didn’t tell what to do if I’m not hyper. Am I supposed to go on Synthroid? I tried to ask but she cut me off then walked out the room. I’m thinking I need to go to another Endo again. We’ll see after they call with the results. My appointment was Monday and here it is Saturday and they haven’t called. I’ll be calling them on this Monday.

Well those are all the updates I have for now. I will post when I have more.