Witch Craft Wednesday: Four Elements Seashell Altar Decorations

I’ve collected a lot of seashells from trips to the beach over the past few months. The other day I put some of them to use. I decided to make decorations for my altar representing the four elements. I work with the elements a lot during spells and rituals and wanted to make some physical markers. These little ones I actually made for a a travel altar for a sea witch:


For my own altar, I made more detailed ones:

For air I painted a feather.


For fire, I think that one is obvious.


For water I tried to make it look like a wave crashing. I hope that’s what it looks like.


For earth I picked daisies because they were easiest to paint on top of the ridges.


I’ve also decided to go back and make one for Spirit. I always forget Spirit, wanted to start working with it more since it’s a part of me.

For the paint I used acrylics. If you make your own, just be wary of the ridges on the top of the shells. They are a bit tricky to paint on. If you make your own I’d love to see them!


Witchy Wednesday on Friday

I’ve been taking Wednesdays and Thursdays off. I forgot to schedule a W.W. before I took off (I only have internet at work).

This week I will be sharing my Samhain altar. My old altar was on a built in dresser which became hard to work at since I had to stand at it. I like to actually do most of my spell work at my altar so I wanted to move it some place that I could sit down and work. I already had the perfect spot.


I was using this pink thing as my “Meditation Station” so I just decided to turn it into my main altar. It’s a lot smaller than my old space, but it’s a lot more practical.


I also already this cushion in front of it. I don’t know why I didn’t just make this my altar space from the beginning.

DSCN1303  DSCN1302

The little space below actually pulls out. That’s where I keep my divination things (tarot cards, runes, pendulum) and scriptures.


I don’t really like to put too much decorations on my altar for the Sabbats. I’ll using just put little things here and there that represent the Sabbat. I also like to make them useful if I can. I bought this baby pumpkin at Publix and used melted beeswax to draw on runes. I even put my pewter panther on top.


My sister painted me a Jack and Sally ATC. She likes to put them on the back of playing cards.


Found some acorns for Samhain. They represent growth and potential. Perfect for the new year.


Here’s a picture of my grandmother (left) who passed in 2001. This is her sister who just passed last month. In front of the picture are my apple seeds I’ve been collecting. Might use them for a spell or something. Not sure yet.


This is a picture of my aunt (my dad’s sister) in her prom dress. She and I never got along when she was alive. My dad recently gave me one of her journals though. As I’ve been reading it, I’ve realized we actually have a lot in common. That’s probably why we always butt heads.


Another picture of my grandmother next to my Laughing Buddha (Hotei) who is wearing my Pagan Prayer/meditation beads.

Well that’s my new altar location. I like it a lot better and I use it a lot more.

Question: Where do you keep your altar?

Witchy Wednesday [Mabon]

[I’m back to blogging. I’m still feeling bleh, but i’ll tell you more about that in my thyroid update post tomorrow.]

Last night I had my solitary Mabon ritual. I was going to have a ritual with my mom and sister on Monday night, but my mom made me mad and I wasn’t in the mood.

I had a good ritual by myself though. It was kind of put together at the last minute because I wasn’t going to have it at all. Therefore, it was short and sweet which was good because I was going to have a fire and it was hot outside. Typical Florida night.

Set up:

edited altar

I used a cinder block and a giant tile I found laying on the back porch. It was a simple altar. I have my oil pitcher in the top left corner and my apple slice food offering in the opposite corner. In the little bowl I have apple seeds to represent Earth, a feather for Air, my wand for Fire, and a bottle of rain water for Water. A smudge stick (which I totally forgot to use. Oops. Fire is cleansing so it’s okay.) I also had my indoor altar cauldron to dispose of spell remnants after the ritual.)


First thing I did was start the fire. We have a fire pit on the back patio, so I just used that. Obviously. I also made sure to have a pitcher of water nearby to extinguish it at the end or to put out any stray embers that decided to jump out (which I had a few). Safety First!!


After my was going and crackling, I cast a circle with my wand. Even though I like working with the elements, I didn’t call them to my circle, because I’m still not comfortable doing that yet.

After my circle was cast, I took some leaves and wrote a few things I was thankful for on each one.

edited leaves

Family. Work. I also made a few more after I took the picture. My health (even though I am really sick, I’m still not as sick as others). I also wrote a gratitude leaf for Jesus and Heavenly Father (Mormon Pagan remember?). When I was done I threw them into the fire and said a prayer of gratitude.

Next thing I did was pour in my oil and throw in my apple slices as offerings.


I said another prayer of thanks and then waited for the slices to burn. Which was a really long time by the way. I then closed the circle. I disposed of my spell remnants that were in my cauldron then I put out the fire with the water.

It was a short ritual, but it got my point across.

Witchy Wednesday [9/2/15]

Witch’s Bottle

I have been wanting to make a Witch’s Bottle for some time now. I finally made one this week. I saw a picture on Pintrest that someone made one out of an old light bulb and I wanted to try and do that. It’s a lot more tedious than I though. I tried take the bottom of the light bulb off to get the wires out but they make it seem a lot easier than it really is. After a few minutes of trying and failing, I moved on and found a different bottle to use.

I remembered I had bought a cute little bottle at a thrift store a while back that didn’t have a stopper. It was perfect.

bottle 2

Usually witch’s bottles have one specific focus, but mine had a few. I didn’t feel like making a bunch of different ones for the things I wanted to attract. These were part of my full moon intentions (even though I made this bottle on Monday, it still has some left over moon power. More waning gibbous I guess.) Here are the items I decided to put in my bottle and their meaning. These items have many meanings, but these are what they represent for me.

baby's breath

Baby’s Breath: Happiness

cedar shavings

Cedar Bark Shavings: Purification


Himalayan Pink Salt: Self love


A black feather I found: Protection and to repel negative energy


A Dried Rose (only used one petal, crushed): Love


Sea Shells: Protection, Love


Lavender: Sleep, Clarity of thought


Some gemstones. I only use the bottom three because they are they only ones that would fit into the bottle.

First two (that I didn’t use) are Clear Quartz and I believe Sodalite.

Bottom Three (that I did use):

Brown Zebra Jasper: Writer’s stone, good for writer’s block, motivation, and meeting goals.

Blue Quartz: Assuages fear, clams the mind, inspires hope, promotes understanding your spiritual nature, peace & tranquility, amplifies power.

Adventurine: Opportunity, luck, prosperity.

Now I’m not 100% sure that those are the identifications of the bottom four stones because they were given to me a long time ago. That’s just what I believe they are based on internet research. If you know for a fact they are something different, please let me know.


Salt: Healing, protection, purification

Crushed egg shells (Cascarilla): Prosperity

After I gathered everything that I wanted to use, I began putting it all into the bottle. I used a  funnel to pour in the salt, Cascarilla, cedar shavings, lavender, HPS, and crushed rose petals first. I then added the gemstones, then the feather, and baby’s breath. As I added everything in, I focused on the intention that each piece represented.

When everything was in, I found a perfect black stone that I had to add as a stopper. I’m not sure what kind of stone it is, but it worked perfectly. I then light a beeswax candle and sealed in the stone. Here is the finished bottle:


finished bottle 1

Witchy Wednesday

There are crows that like to hang out in the parking lot at work. A week ago, i found some nice feathers that they had left behind. I brought them home and cleaned/sanitized them:


My dad also gave me a giant shell that was in his yard. He had gotten them from a friend.


It’s perfect for my smudge stick:

shell smudge