Movie Review: Deadpool


I finally got around to seeing Deadpool last weekend. I wanted to wait until the theaters weren’t packed.

I only have positive things to say about this movie. It was freakin awesome! From the opening credits until the very end. I gotta say, Ryan Reynolds gave maximum effort in his performance. I think this has been his best movie.

There was lots of humor and sass. They broke the fourth wall so many times and even talked about breaking the fourth wall (I think he said 16 walls?) . There were X-Men, well two of two of them because that’s all they could afford. References to Ryan Reynolds and his Deadpool/Wolverine role were made. Even a few tear jerker moments made it in.

If you haven’t already seen Captain Deadpool you need to go see it right meow! Before you go, you may have a couple of questions. Let me see if I can help you.

Why is it rated R?

Good question. The answer is because of the killing, swearing, naughty jokes, boobs, and butts.

Why are there swearing, naughty jokes, boobs, and butts in a Marvel movie?

Another good question. Now I didn’t read the comics (too poor), but have a few friends who did. They told me to tell you that Deadpool comics had the swearing and naughty jokes (not sure about the boobs and butts), so why wouldn’t his movies have all that? People always complain when movies don’t stick to the comics. So there you go. It’s sticking it good.

But he’s a super hero! Why does he have such a potty mouth?

Actually, he’s not a super hero, he’s an anti-hero. It says as much in the movie. Super heroes are good guys that thwart/kill bad guys for the greater good and to protect the innocent. Villians kill the innocent because they get off on it. Now to me, anti-heroes fall into that grey area in between. They’re kind of bad guys, who kill super bad guys for their own vengeance. That’s what Deadpool is, an anti-hero.

Now that I’ve answered your questions, it’s time to go see Deadpool right meow before it leaves theaters. Be sure to stay until after the credits, like all Marvel movies, there’s a snippet at the end. Enjoy!