Like a Surgeon

Every January I talk about how I’m going to become a better blogger. By the time February rolls around I realize that that’s a lie. I hope to change that this year. There are going to be a lot of changes. I have already started some. But first I’d like to catch you up on what’s been going on in my life.

As you know my thyroid hates me and has been plotting against me since 2012. At the end of 2015, I was taken off of the anti-thyroid medications that had been bogging me down for the previous 3 years. Not only were they cramping my style (because of like a thousand side effects), they were damaging my liver. My new Endo was like “Woah man! We need to take you off that crap like right meow.” Okay, she said it more professionally, but you get the idea. So she took me off the meds and I started seeing rainbows and cartoon birds everywhere I went. Well not really, but I was starting to feel better. I wasn’t as lethargic and I actually felt like doing things. My chronic back pain wasn’t as bad and I was able to go to the gym and work on my fitness with Fergie. Towards the end of the year, I had lost 30 pounds and I thought that it could only get better. Sike! I started feeling crappy again. My tremors were back and so was my lethargy and chronic pain. I shook my fists at the heavens and yelled “Why!?!” while rain poured on my face and dramatic music played in the background. I went back to my Endo so she could run some tests and charge me 5 million dollars. Her conclusion? I was hyperactive again. Not just a little, but super, turbo hyper active. My Graves antibodies were through the roof. They are supposed to be at 35 or lower. Mine were a little over 2,000. Yes, I used three zeros there. With this news she gave me two options: remove it with surgery or kill it with radioactive iodine. The second one seemed sketch, so I was like “yeah give me that surgery,yo.” Just kidding I don’t really talk like that, but you know what I mean. Another reason I picked the surgery was because my sister had it done lasted year and it turned out very well for her. Fast forward to today, I met with my surgeon. This was the same surgeon that my sister had, the one recommended to me by my Endo. He did an exam on my neck and said I didn’t have any nodules (which I already knew), nor did I have cancer (which I also already knew). He said that because I had neither, he didn’t think that I should get the surgery. That was a relief because I really didn’t want the surgery. That just left me with the sketch radioactive iodine. Rut row. The surgeon and I discussed it though and it actually doesn’t seem so bad. He said that there may be some side effects, but that they’d be temporary. I’d also have to get a hotel room for a few days because I couldn’t be around people. So for this treatment, I take a pill that kills my thyroid and then I get to avoid people for a few days. Sounds like a win for me. I also wont have to miss as much work as I had originally thought which is nice. A couple of downsides to not having the surgery is I won’t get to have a cool battle scar that matches my sister’s. I also won’t get to keep Lestrade (my thyroid) in a jar. Haha that would have been gross and I totally wouldn’t have done it? Now all I have to do is wait to hear from my Endo telling me when to come in and get the treatment. Hopefully soon so I can just get it over with. Well I think I’ve bored you enough for tonight. That’s pretty much all I’ve been up to. If I think of more I will make another post later. I’m also going to make some 2017 goal blog posts so look for those. For now, Adieu.

[Side note: how I named my thyroid Lestrade. Greg Lestrade from BBC Sherlock is played by Rupert Graves. I have Graves Disease that is causing my thyroid problems. Well I thought I was being funny at least.]

Another Thyroid Update

I got some good news at my Endo appointment on Wednesday!

The Endo said that I was negative for Graves’ Disease! I don’t have it anymore. I do, however, have Hashimoto’s which I am totally okay with. I  would rather have Hashimoto’s than Graves’. It’ll be easier to manage with a diet and exercise. Plus I won’t have to have surgery! She also said that she is unsure if I ever had Graves’. Which is confusing. She said she doesn’t know for sure because she doesn’t have the initial diagnosis paper from my last Endo. I  had called them before my first appointment with my new Endo so she should have it. I guess I’m going to have to give them a call again on Monday and tell them to send it. I’m going to be pissed if my last Endo had been treating me for Graves’s and I never had it. Though my new Endo said I definitely had the Hyperthyroid, but still.

I still haven’t heard back from my Rheumatologist about my Fibro test. I’ll be giving them a call on Monday as well.

I’m still playing catch up with my posts so these are some of the posts you will be seeing this week:


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Thyroid Update and other News

It’s been a while since my last update. I got busy at work and had a really bad sinus infection so sorry not sorry for not updating.

Instead of updating all at once, I’m going to spread them out over the next few days. Here’s my thyroid update:

Alright, last time I posted I was still waiting to get into my new Endo. I finally had my appointment with her on Monday. I really like her. She’s already 100 times better than my last one.
She kept asking me questions about what my last doctor was doing with me. I told I didn’t really know because he never talked to me or answered my questions. She said that I shouldn’t have been on Methimozole this long because it’s not good for the liver. My last Endo had had me on it for three years. Way too long (according to her).

She did a thyroid ultrasound because she thinks I might have nodules. She also did a lot of blood work. If she found nodules, I would most likely need surgery to remove the thyroid. She already said we’d talk about my options (surgery or radiation) during my next appointment which is this coming Wednesday (Dec 30th). I’m going to choose the surgery. My sister just had the surgery a couple of months ago and everything went smoothly. Though I have Graves’ worse than her and I’m a bit worried about the surgery. I’ve heard that if you have the surgery to remove your thyroid, the Graves’ just attacks other organs in your body. I’m going to ask my Endo about that during the next appointment and also do some research.

Well those are all the thyroid updates I have for now. I’ll have more after this Wednesday.

Thyroid Thursday [11/5/15]


I still haven’t gotten an earlier appointment with my new Endo. My current appointment is December 14th. It’s only a month away now so I’m not even going to try to change my appointment now. The rheumatologist called the other day. I have an appointment with him on December 9th. My general doctor wanted me to see him because my rheumatoid levels are low and I’ve been having pain in my bones. Hopefully I’ll get some answers from my rheumatologist.

I’m still not getting support from my family except for my dad. He’s the only one that believes I’m still in pain. At least I have support from one person. It’s better than no one.

Well those are my only thyroid updates for now.

Thyroid Thursday [10/8/25]


I don’t have any thyroid updates yet. I had my chest x-ray on Monday so I’m just waiting for my doctor appointment next Monday to hear the results. I’ll also have the results of all my blood tests then too.

Thyroid Thursday [10/1/15]

I just had to share this picture. Too funny not to. Anyway, on the my thyroid update. I went to my regular physician on Monday. Gave him my list of symptoms and he actually listened! Not like my douche-y Endo. He said he thinks I might have Lupus and/or Anemia. These are merely SUGGESTIONS as to the cause of my symptoms. I got a bunch of blood work and an EKG done. EKG was good and I have a follow up appointment on the 12th for the results of blood work. That’s (hopefully) when he will know whether I have Lupus or Anemia. I hoping I don’t have Lupus, but at the same time it’d just be nice to have a cause for all these symptoms. If there’s a cause there’s usually a treatment.  I looked up Lupus and it says that’s another life time disease so I’m really hoping it’s not Lupus. I also have to get a chest x-ray to make sure there’s nothing going on there. I told my doctor that I had been having chest pain. He just wants to rule anything else out. Chest pain is also a symptom of Lupus. Again I hope it’s not Lupus, but I also hope it’s nothing else serious. I’ll be getting my chest x-ray done tomorrow so we will see.

Thyroid Thursday

As you may have noticed, I like alliterations (Motivation Monday, Witchy Wednessday, Sassy Snack Sunday). Why not add another? I give you, Thyroid Thursday. This is where I will post any updates on my own thyroid or any new information I may learn about Graves’ disease and feel inclined to share.

As I may have mentioned before, I’ve been having a bunch of symptoms for the past few months. I decided to go see my Endo to hopefully get some answers. Of course, I didn’t get very many. It’s what I expected though because my Endo sucks and rushes through his appointments just to get to the next one and make more money.

I went in with a long list of questions and an even longer list of symptoms I’m having. Only about half of my questions were answered and when I told him about my symptoms, all he said (while not even looking at me, mind you) “Let’s get you a CBC and we’ll call you. He then sent me on my way, frustrated and annoyed, but not before charging me $44. My whole appointment last about 20 mins. I did what he wanted me to do though. I had the CBC done (blood test for those of you that don’t know) and waited for a call. I got a call from one of his nurses a few days later. I thought maybe they had called me to schedule another appointment to see the doctor and finally get some answers. Nope. All they told me was that my Endo wanted me to alternate my dosage between 10mg and 15mg every other day. That’s it? Really? What about all my symptoms? What’s causing them? That’s all I want to know. I didn’t argue with them though because I knew I wasn’t going to get any answers from them. I decided to go ahead and make an appointment with my normal physician to see if he could maybe give me some answers. He’s a really good doctor so he might be able to tell me something. I also tried calling the new Endo (the really good one that my sister goes to). I already have an appointment with them, but it’s not until December. I need help now though. I called on Monday to see if maybe they had any cancellations. They didn’t. I’m stuck with my crappy Endo and my general physician for now.

I’ve been trying to diagnose myself with my list of symptoms and the help of Google. Here are the different symptoms I’ve been having. I don’t have them all at once or at the same time, but I’ve had them each multiple times:

  • tightness in chest and trouble breathing (mostly at the end of the day. Could just be from working)
  • heart palpitations (every now and then)
  • cramps/tightness in my neck (more often lately)
  • sore throat (everyday)
  • tenderness in the thyroid area
  • muscle weakness
  • extreme exhaustion/fatigue (everyday)
  • rapid heart beat (sometimes)
  • sensitivity to cold
  • chills
  • flu like body ache (everyday)
  • skin sensitivity (slight for right now)
  • stabbing pain in feet, hip joints, femur bone (everyday)
  • insomnia
  • brain fog
  • sensitive teeth/ teeth aches

These are all the ones that I can remember at the moment. With these symptoms, I think I might have Fibromyalgia and/Hashimoto’s. I think I have symptoms of both. I’m not a doctor, so I don’t know for sure, but I’m going to ask my doctor to check for them on Monday. I try not to diagnose myself and tell the doctor how to do his job, but with all the “I don’t know”s over the past few years it’s kind of hard not to. They’re merely just suggestions anyway. He’s the doctor, I’ll let him decide. Like I said, my general physician is pretty good. I’m sure he’ll help me figure it out. The only thing is he’s not a thyroid expert so there’s only so much eh can do.

Long rant about support:

As I may or may not have already mentioned, I had to move back in with my mother earlier this year. In April I decided to start booth renting at a salon. It’s a salon suite so it’s like a mini salon within a larger salon. We get a private room and we are our own bosses. I put my entire tax refund into starting it up. Since it was April, it was beginning of slow season. Not just for my area, but for salons everywhere. Summer is a slow hair season until August and then slows down again for the month of September. I knew I wouldn’t be making a lot of money during this time so I moved back in with my mom. I told her this and thought she understood, but I guess not. These past few months with my flare ups, I’ve still been trying to work as much as I can. Usually 1pm-7pm/ 5 days a week. I often get such a late start because I’m in so much pain and don’t get much sleep the night before, it’s hard to get out of bed. But I still do it and I still go into work, it’s just later in the day. Since it’s been slow season I don’t miss much by sleeping in. Even though I’m in constant pain, I still work until about 7 or 8pm. I’ve only been making enough to pay my booth rent+ gas, food, car insurance and phone bill. Apparently this isn’t enough for my mother. She finally told me Sunday that I am holding her back and that she wants to move on. She didn’t want to have to be taking care of her 28 yr old daughter. It just kind of really hurt because I though she supported me and knew that I was trying as hard as can. I thought wrong. Trust me, I don’t like living with her and having to depend on her for a lot of things. Before I got sick I was living on my own and supporting myself. I was very independent. Moving in with her has been hard on both of us, but I though she’d be more understanding. I know it’s hard on her because my sister is living with us too because of her Graves’ (and she has to have surgery at the end of the month). I’m trying the best I can though. I work through the pain most days because I know I have to try to make money. I can’t get another job because I wouldn’t have a flexible schedule like this anywhere else. I need to be able to make my own others with my flare ups and until I figure out why I’m having all these symptoms. I take medicine like I’m supposed, I’ve cut gluten and dairy and I’ve cut down on my sugar intake. That’s why I think I might have some other autoimmune diseases (it’s common to get a few at a time). I’m also trying really hard not to complain at home because my sister has Graves’, Hashimotos, and Thyroiditis. Plus she’s having surgery next week. She doesn’t have all the pain and symptoms that I have though. I’ve asked. Still, I’ll only do my complaining and ranting here. Sorry in advance. This is all for right now though.