About Me

Hello there! Thanks for stopping by. My name is Madison and this is my blog. This isn’t a niche blog, I write about a few different topics.

Here are a few of the topics that you will see here:


I was born and raised Mormon. I have been inactive for the last few years, but have starting going back. You will see my progress as I become active again.

Thyroid and Overall Health:
Back in 2012 I was diagnose with Graves Disease (an autoimmune disease cause by hyperthyroidism). This past December my new Endochrinologist told me that I no longer have Graves, but that I went the opposite way and now have Hashimotos. I like to blog about my progress with the disease and any diet changes I make. I’m also striving to becoming more ‘green’ and ‘natural’.

Reviews (Books, movies, & TV shows):
I love reading and I love watching movies and Netflix. You’ll see reviews on what I read or watch.

I like to get crafty and I like to paint (as well as a few other forms of art) I’ll probably share my artwork here and ask for critiques.

I’m a hairstylist for a living so you may see hair related posts every now and then.

Those are the basics that I post about. Every now and then I blog about other random things that tickle my fancy.

If any of these topics grab your interest, stick around and enjoy!

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