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I thought I should let you know that I changed my blog URL from to

Also, I will be writing some more posts soon. It’s been really busy at work.

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Full Moon Goal Motivation Spell

This is a spell to help you stay motivated while reaching your goals. This spell is to be done on the night of the full moon or the night prior.

-Index card
-Pencil or pen
-Gemstone (I’ll explain what kind later)
-Himalayan Pink Salt (optional)


1. Cut the index card in half:


2. Next write down the word “goal” and “steps” like in the picture below (doesn’t have to be exactly like the picture):


3. Next, fill in your goal and the steps you want to take in order to reach your goal. Here’s one I did for my health:


4. Design a sigil to draw on the back. [You can find sigil making tutorials online. I’ll be making one soon.] It can be as complicated or as simple as you like:


5. After you draw up your sigil, say a prayer or incantation. I’m not going to include one here because I feel it’s best to say something from the heart. Feel free to call on a moon deity like Selene or Thoth.

6. This is where the gemstone and HPS come into play. Find a gemstone that goes with your goal. I used Blue Lace Agate foe mine. It’s specific for the thyroid. The Himalayan Pink Salt magnifies your intentions. Once you’ve found the stone you want to use, place the card writing side down on your window sill to be charged in the full moon. Place the gemstones and HPS on top.


I like to keep mine in place the whole month so they are constantly being charged in the sun. If you keep yours up during the day, make sure the gemstone you use won’t get discolored by the sun. Some gemstones do that, like amethyst. If you do have one of these, place something over the stone to protect it from the sun. I used a shell, but you could use a piece of paper or pretty scarf.




You can make as many of these cards as you want. Like I said, I leave mine on the sill at all times under the stone and HPS. I feel this works best. I tried putting them in a sachet to carry with me, but they instantly quit working when I did that.

Now watch as your goals are accomplished!

*Please note that you still have to put in effort to reach your goals. This spell is just to help keep you motivated.

Day 31

Yesterday marked Day 30 of my Whole 30 diet. I’m so supposed at myself that I made it this far. Usually when I start a new diet I give up as soon as I’m hungry. Or if I do “stick with it” and have cheat days. Not this time! I stayed pure the entire 30 days! It was really hard and I wanted to give up most days. Instead, I kept at it and I’m so glad I did. In the book it says if you cheat you have to stay over. The reason is because this is the cleansing period. Your immune system reboot. I definitely didn’t want to start over.

Here are my results so far:
-More energy
-Less pain
-Down 6.75 inches (all over. 2.5 just in my waist).
-Down 7.2 pounds

I was surprised at such great results in just 30 days. I’m so proud of myself. The only downside I’ve experienced is my insomnia has gotten worse. I had to think about why that is. These are the reasons I came up with:
-Even though I’ve had more energy, done of my spurts come late at night when I go to bed. Causing me top not even get tired until 3 or 4am.
-Being hungry late at night and not wanting (due to poor meal planning) and having to cook a late night meal. Not being able to just grab a snack.
-my chronic pain isn’t completely gone and still keeps me up.

Now don’t let you discourage you from doing the Whole 30 if you were planning on it. I already had insomnia prior to starting. But I’ve come with a couple solutions.

-Go for a walk during the day. Hopefully this will burn out most of my energy and I’ll sleep nicely tonight. I already did this one today. Almost a mile. This was my first time exercising in a very long time.


-Eat more protein or good fats close to bedtime so I’m not hungry.
-Journal more. When my late night energy kicks in, my mind usually goes on over drive and I can’t shut it up. It’s also when I get my best ideas. If I wrote everything down, I’ll hopefully be able to go to sleep sooner.
-Stop using my phone an hour before. I think most of us are guilty of this one. I’ll be on FB while laying in bed.

These are just a few things I came up with to help me get better sleep. Hopefully they work. We’ll see.

Even though I’ve completed day 30, it’s not over yet. Now cones the reintroduction period. I’ve only decide to reintroduce honey, beans, and rice. Today is rice. So far no problems. I’ll eat rice in my diet for two days, then go back to Whole 30 for 2 days. If it doesn’t make me sick, I’ll keep it in and go on to the next food. If it does make me sick then obviously I’ll cut it for good. After I’ve tried all three foods again, I’ll stick with this eating Whole 30. Like I mentioned in my other post, it’s a lifestyle change. I can’t/won’t go back to bring sick and in pain. I’ve already spent 3 1/2 years doing that. I’m done. On to the next chapter in my life!

The Whole 30 “Diet”

I recently started a new eating regime (26 days ago to be exact). It’s called the Whole 30 “Diet”. I put diet in quotations because for me it’s not really a diet. It’s more of a lifestyle change.

For those of you that don’t know what the Whole 30 “Diet” is, let me tell you. It’s a diet that is good for people with autoimmune diseases or anyone qho wants to cleanse their system. It is basically a 30 day elimination diet that eliminates inflammatory foods. It cuts out gluten, dairy, sugar, rice, legumes, and any processed foods. Yes it sounds strict but it has really helped me. Here are the benefits that I have experienced so far:
1. More energy
2. Some of my chronic pain has gone away. You know, the pain I had for three and a half years that the doctors couldn’t seem to do anything about.
3. I’m not as angry as I used to be.
4. My skin is glowing (according to coworkers).
5. My clothes are looser.
6. I’ve lost a total of 4 pounds so far.

While the weight loss is nice, it isn’t the main reason I’m doing this. I’m doing this to get my Hashimotos under control. So far it seems to be helping.

Once your 30 days are up, you can start reintroducing foods that you cut out. The way you do it is one food at a time. You pick your food, let’s say rice. You add rice back into tour diet for 2 days. Then you cut it out again and go back to Whole 30. If you feel fine, then continue eating the rice. If it makes you sick, then you know it’s am inflammatory food that causes your flare ups and cut it for good. You do this with all the foods you want to reintroduce. For me, I will only be reintroducing legumes, rice, and honey. Maybe occasionally sugar. Gluten and dairy I already know I’m allergic to, so I won’t even bother with them. I will keep them out.

This has definitely been a hard thing to do, but the benefits have been great. I know in the ling run it will rally help with my Hashimotos. That’s what I keep telling myself to stay motivated. I don’t want to go back to my pain filled fatigued self. I like the direction I’m going.

I’m telling you that you should go on this “diet”, but I am digesting you should at least check it out and do your own research. There is a book called “The Whole 30 Diet” and There are also support groups on Facebook.

My 30 days will be up in 4 days, but only I haven’t been keeping track. I don’t see the point in counting the days since it’s a lifestyle change for me. The only reason for me to count would be to know when to reintroduce some foods.

Let me know if you have any questions about the Whole 30 and I’ll try to answer them. I will also be posting some tips I’ve learned so far.

If you are already doing the Whole 30 diet, let me know and we can be support buddies! I will again in 4 days with my finally measurements and pounds lost before I start the next phase. Until then, stay healthy lovelies!

Unexpected Hiatus

You may or may not have been wondering were I’ve been the past few weeks, why I haven’t blogged. Well I will tell you good sir.

I haven’t been able to blog because several of the keys on my laptop’s keyboard decided to stop working. That made it extremely difficult to write a post. I was still able to write some by copy and pasting, but that proved tedious so I quickly lost interest. I don’t have enough money to get a new one right now. I also didn’t want to use my phone to make a post because it’s hard to edit it on there and it takes forever to load (especially when I didn’t have any data left for the month). Well, my mom came up with a temporary solution. She’s a teacher at a middle school and was able to borrow an external keyboard. I was able to plug it into my laptop and have been using it. It’s a little ghetto, but it works just fine for now.

Now that I can type on my laptop again, I hope to get some get some posts written that I’ve been meaning to publish. They will probably be posted later this week.