Emergency Heart Stint

Dear Followers, I have client/friend who is in need of an emergency heart stint. They found 90% in one artery. The total procedure costs $17,500. He only has to pay 25%, but that’s still a lot. Especially since he needs it done as soon as possible and doesn’t have the money. Please, if you could help by donating, it would mean a lot. Anything helps. If you can’t donate please help by reblogging this. Thanks. https://www.gofundme.com/uqyzjf7w


Thyroid Update

I’ve gotten behind on my blogging again. Woops! Work has been busy and I’ve also been working on my taxes (I’m a horrible procrastinator). Taxes are tedious when you’re in business for yourself.

Anyway, on to the thyroid update! February 29th was my latest appointment with my Endo. They had me get bloodwork done before my visit so I could have the results once I got there. I asked them if I could go to the Quest near me instead of making the hour drive to their office just for bloodwork. They sent the lab request (supposedly) and I got my blood drawn and sent to my Endo. On the day of my appointment, I made the hour drive there then waited another hour past my appointment time just for them to tell me they had sent the wrong request. I made the trip for nothing. My Endo was supposed to be telling me how my levels were doing since she had weened me off my Methimozole. Since they didn’t do the right tests, she couldn’t tell me anything. I was pissed! They couldn’t have called me before I made the trip and waited an hour? I also had to pay a co-pay just for her to tell me nothing. While I was there they did the right blood tests and said they’d call me in a few days with the results.

Two weeks pass and still no call so I finally call them. Of course the nurses are always rude when I call. After holding and transferring I finally got my results! I don’t have to go back on my Methimozole and my thyroid levels are normal. That’s good news right? I’m just not sure what I’m supposed to do now. Since I didn’t get to talk to the doctor about my results, I’m not sure if I still have Hashimotos. I’m assuming since it’s an autoimmune disease I do, but just my thyroid levels have gone back to normal? I don’t know. My next appointment isn’t until June. The nurse also said I don’t have to go on Synthroid for hypothyroidism. I guess since my levels are normal I don’t have to do anything. She didn’t really tell me what to do. I’ll still control my diet and not eat inflammatory foods. I’ll still probably go on the Paleo diet just to be sure. I’m going to take this as good news though. My levels are normal! I just hope they stay that way.

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