Yule 2015


This year was my second Yule. Last year Yule was the first Sabbat I ever celebrated. I was also sick for my first Yule Guess what? I was sick for this one too, which I’m okay with because it isn’t one of my favorite Sabbats.

The Friday before was nice though. I was in my first ritual! I’ve attended a few public rituals before now, but I’ve never actually been in one. There is a Druid Grove in close to me (like two minutes away). I’ve met most of the members during the other public rituals. The leader (not sure what they are called in a Druid Grove) invited me to join their  meetup.com group. I did. They then added me to their FB group and then asked if I wanted to be written into their Yule ritual. I kind of felt obligated (for some reason), but also because I wanted to do it. It felt nice to be included.

My part was calling to the West corner and dealing the element Water. Of course the first time I was supposed to call I was facing East. I had gotten my directions mixed up because I had only attended one other ritual at this place and wasn’t sure which way was West from there. I was slightly embarrassed but I caught on quickly after that.

The ritual was really nice. We honored the Celtic Crone goddess Cailleach. This was the first time I had ever heard of her. I believe in other gods and goddesses, but I  don’t worship them. It’s always interesting to learn about them too.

On Sunday the 20th, my sister and I went to Ocala with my dad to a Christmas party with his side of the family. We had a white elephant gift exchange. I managed to get a cute candle that had chalk blackboard  painted on the outside and a piece of chalk (pictured below). I thought it’d be perfect to use during spells to write intentions, sigils, or runes with.


For actual Yule, I was feeling sick again so I didn’t do much. Plus I worked during the day and was too tired to do any kind of ritual. I did end up watching Home Alone 2 with my mom and sister while I wrote my pen pals letters.



I also burned my new oil lamp (pictured at the top) That was the only festive thing I could manage.

This is my Yule altar (I don’t usually go all out for Sabbat decorations. I like to keep it simple)

DSCN1426 DSCN1435

Even though I didn’t, do much I still had a nice Yule. I’ll also be posting about my Christmas.


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