Day of Birth

On December 2nd 1987 at 8:04 in the morning I came into this world.

This past December 2nd I celebrated y 28th birthday.

Since I have been having a lot of flare ups, I didn’t really feel like doing much I ended up just having lunch with my dad and sister. We then went to a couple of thrift stores to look for books I found quite a bit. I kind of have a bit of a book buying addiction (that I don’t intend curing any time soon). Plus I bought most of the books at Goodwill which were $1-$2 each so it was hard not to buy a lot. I found some really good ones .Here is a picture:


After thrifting we went to my brother’s house and made breakfast for dinner. My sister had also made me dirt cake. It was delicious! Overall it was a good birthday.


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