Pen Pals

I’m in a couple of Pagan groups on Facebook and one day a bunch of us decided that we missed old fashioned letter writing. So we created a separate group exclusively for letter writers. From there I found another group that did Pocketletter Pen Pals If you don’t know what those are go here.

I quickly found two pals to exchange with. It was pretty fun but I realized that you need a lot of scrap booking supplies. Something I don’t really have. I mostly just have some stickers and washi tape. Though it was fun, I don’t think I will be doing it again any time soon. I just don’t have a stock pile of scrap booking supplies already so it makes it really expensive

That’s okay though because I have about 7ish regular hand writing pen pals that I started exchanging with. If you hear me talk about my pen pals in the future then you will know what’s up.

Here are the wonderful pocket letters I did receive:

First Pen Pal (she sent e two pages. I’ll show you the front and the backs).:

DSCN1412 DSCN1413

DSCN1414 DSCN1416

My second Pen Pal sent me lots of little goodies (I accidentally opened hers upside down and everything fell out. I put it back together a little sloppy for the picture. Oops):

DSCN1417 DSCN1418 DSCN1419

She also sent me a birthday card (which was the 2nd of December):



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