Pen Pals

I’m in a couple of Pagan groups on Facebook and one day a bunch of us decided that we missed old fashioned letter writing. So we created a separate group exclusively for letter writers. From there I found another group that did Pocketletter Pen Pals If you don’t know what those are go here.

I quickly found two pals to exchange with. It was pretty fun but I realized that you need a lot of scrap booking supplies. Something I don’t really have. I mostly just have some stickers and washi tape. Though it was fun, I don’t think I will be doing it again any time soon. I just don’t have a stock pile of scrap booking supplies already so it makes it really expensive

That’s okay though because I have about 7ish regular hand writing pen pals that I started exchanging with. If you hear me talk about my pen pals in the future then you will know what’s up.

Here are the wonderful pocket letters I did receive:

First Pen Pal (she sent e two pages. I’ll show you the front and the backs).:

DSCN1412 DSCN1413

DSCN1414 DSCN1416

My second Pen Pal sent me lots of little goodies (I accidentally opened hers upside down and everything fell out. I put it back together a little sloppy for the picture. Oops):

DSCN1417 DSCN1418 DSCN1419

She also sent me a birthday card (which was the 2nd of December):



Thyroid Update and other News

It’s been a while since my last update. I got busy at work and had a really bad sinus infection so sorry not sorry for not updating.

Instead of updating all at once, I’m going to spread them out over the next few days. Here’s my thyroid update:

Alright, last time I posted I was still waiting to get into my new Endo. I finally had my appointment with her on Monday. I really like her. She’s already 100 times better than my last one.
She kept asking me questions about what my last doctor was doing with me. I told I didn’t really know because he never talked to me or answered my questions. She said that I shouldn’t have been on Methimozole this long because it’s not good for the liver. My last Endo had had me on it for three years. Way too long (according to her).

She did a thyroid ultrasound because she thinks I might have nodules. She also did a lot of blood work. If she found nodules, I would most likely need surgery to remove the thyroid. She already said we’d talk about my options (surgery or radiation) during my next appointment which is this coming Wednesday (Dec 30th). I’m going to choose the surgery. My sister just had the surgery a couple of months ago and everything went smoothly. Though I have Graves’ worse than her and I’m a bit worried about the surgery. I’ve heard that if you have the surgery to remove your thyroid, the Graves’ just attacks other organs in your body. I’m going to ask my Endo about that during the next appointment and also do some research.

Well those are all the thyroid updates I have for now. I’ll have more after this Wednesday.