Witchy Wednesday on Friday

I’ve been taking Wednesdays and Thursdays off. I forgot to schedule a W.W. before I took off (I only have internet at work).

This week I will be sharing my Samhain altar. My old altar was on a built in dresser which became hard to work at since I had to stand at it. I like to actually do most of my spell work at my altar so I wanted to move it some place that I could sit down and work. I already had the perfect spot.


I was using this pink thing as my “Meditation Station” so I just decided to turn it into my main altar. It’s a lot smaller than my old space, but it’s a lot more practical.


I also already this cushion in front of it. I don’t know why I didn’t just make this my altar space from the beginning.

DSCN1303  DSCN1302

The little space below actually pulls out. That’s where I keep my divination things (tarot cards, runes, pendulum) and scriptures.


I don’t really like to put too much decorations on my altar for the Sabbats. I’ll using just put little things here and there that represent the Sabbat. I also like to make them useful if I can. I bought this baby pumpkin at Publix and used melted beeswax to draw on runes. I even put my pewter panther on top.


My sister painted me a Jack and Sally ATC. She likes to put them on the back of playing cards.


Found some acorns for Samhain. They represent growth and potential. Perfect for the new year.


Here’s a picture of my grandmother (left) who passed in 2001. This is her sister who just passed last month. In front of the picture are my apple seeds I’ve been collecting. Might use them for a spell or something. Not sure yet.


This is a picture of my aunt (my dad’s sister) in her prom dress. She and I never got along when she was alive. My dad recently gave me one of her journals though. As I’ve been reading it, I’ve realized we actually have a lot in common. That’s probably why we always butt heads.


Another picture of my grandmother next to my Laughing Buddha (Hotei) who is wearing my Pagan Prayer/meditation beads.

Well that’s my new altar location. I like it a lot better and I use it a lot more.

Question: Where do you keep your altar?

Thyroid Thursday


I finally got in to see my General Doctor last Monday. He said my thyroid levels were still out of wack and that he thinks my Endo my be over medicating me. That’s why I have extreme fatigue. He says it looks like I might have Hypothyroidism now or that I might have Thyroiditis. He said not to quote him on all this though since he’s not an expert. He says I should go back to my Endo. I refuse to go back to my current one though because he didn’t tell me anything, then charges me $45. I have been trying to call the new one to see if I can get in before December. No such luck yet.

My General doctor also told me I had Chronic bronchitis. That accounts for my chest pain and a few other symptoms. He put me on antibiotics, an inhaler, and steroids for two weeks. I guess they’re working. It’s hard to tell because I’ve been having bad side affects from them. My doctor also wants me to see a rheumatologist about rheumatoid arthritis. He thinks that might be the cause of my bone pain.

Well those are all the thyroid updates I he for now. I’ll keep you posted as I get more.

Witchy Wednesday [10/21/15]

I got a little behind on my posting again. I’ve been dealing with chronic bronchitis (more on that tomorrow). To cheer myself up, I did a little thrifting  and found some witchy finds.


Found these cute little bottles. They’re only about 4″ tall. I’ll be using them for ritual oils.


Found this copper bowl with handle. Perfect to hold offerings during ritual. I’m going to clean it up first.


These 19 candles wee $2.99 for the whole pack!


I of course had to get a candle holder for my new candles. It was only $1. They had a bunch that were all different heights, but I didn’t want to over do it.

I think I did pretty good this time.

Motivation Monday [10/12/15]


Thanks little mint leaf.

Thyroid Thursday [10/8/25]


I don’t have any thyroid updates yet. I had my chest x-ray on Monday so I’m just waiting for my doctor appointment next Monday to hear the results. I’ll also have the results of all my blood tests then too.

Motivation Monday [10/5/15]

SHia lebouf

Thanks Shia LeBouf.

Thyroid Thursday [10/1/15]

I just had to share this picture. Too funny not to. Anyway, on the my thyroid update. I went to my regular physician on Monday. Gave him my list of symptoms and he actually listened! Not like my douche-y Endo. He said he thinks I might have Lupus and/or Anemia. These are merely SUGGESTIONS as to the cause of my symptoms. I got a bunch of blood work and an EKG done. EKG was good and I have a follow up appointment on the 12th for the results of blood work. That’s (hopefully) when he will know whether I have Lupus or Anemia. I hoping I don’t have Lupus, but at the same time it’d just be nice to have a cause for all these symptoms. If there’s a cause there’s usually a treatment.  I looked up Lupus and it says that’s another life time disease so I’m really hoping it’s not Lupus. I also have to get a chest x-ray to make sure there’s nothing going on there. I told my doctor that I had been having chest pain. He just wants to rule anything else out. Chest pain is also a symptom of Lupus. Again I hope it’s not Lupus, but I also hope it’s nothing else serious. I’ll be getting my chest x-ray done tomorrow so we will see.