Witchy Wednesday [Mabon]

[I’m back to blogging. I’m still feeling bleh, but i’ll tell you more about that in my thyroid update post tomorrow.]

Last night I had my solitary Mabon ritual. I was going to have a ritual with my mom and sister on Monday night, but my mom made me mad and I wasn’t in the mood.

I had a good ritual by myself though. It was kind of put together at the last minute because I wasn’t going to have it at all. Therefore, it was short and sweet which was good because I was going to have a fire and it was hot outside. Typical Florida night.

Set up:

edited altar

I used a cinder block and a giant tile I found laying on the back porch. It was a simple altar. I have my oil pitcher in the top left corner and my apple slice food offering in the opposite corner. In the little bowl I have apple seeds to represent Earth, a feather for Air, my wand for Fire, and a bottle of rain water for Water. A smudge stick (which I totally forgot to use. Oops. Fire is cleansing so it’s okay.) I also had my indoor altar cauldron to dispose of spell remnants after the ritual.)


First thing I did was start the fire. We have a fire pit on the back patio, so I just used that. Obviously. I also made sure to have a pitcher of water nearby to extinguish it at the end or to put out any stray embers that decided to jump out (which I had a few). Safety First!!


After my was going and crackling, I cast a circle with my wand. Even though I like working with the elements, I didn’t call them to my circle, because I’m still not comfortable doing that yet.

After my circle was cast, I took some leaves and wrote a few things I was thankful for on each one.

edited leaves

Family. Work. I also made a few more after I took the picture. My health (even though I am really sick, I’m still not as sick as others). I also wrote a gratitude leaf for Jesus and Heavenly Father (Mormon Pagan remember?). When I was done I threw them into the fire and said a prayer of gratitude.

Next thing I did was pour in my oil and throw in my apple slices as offerings.


I said another prayer of thanks and then waited for the slices to burn. Which was a really long time by the way. I then closed the circle. I disposed of my spell remnants that were in my cauldron then I put out the fire with the water.

It was a short ritual, but it got my point across.


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