Sassy Snack Sunday [9/6/15]

Today’s sassy snack is another “potato” chip. Late July’s Mild Green Mojo. Isn’t that such a fun name?


They are organic, gluten free certified, and contain no GMO.



They also have this promise at the top of the bag:
“We donate 10% of profits to causes benefiting children and the planet.”


Here are the other health facts on the back:


They are triangular like a tortilla chip.


I’ll be using the same rubric I used for the Maple Bacon chips since they are in they same category.

On a scale of 1 to 10 for each category-

Flavor-Does it really taste like the flavor it claims to be?
Crunchiness- Are they super crunchy or do they taste stale?
Grease– Can I grease a pan with them or do they leave no trace?
Thickness– Do they fall apart as soon as you pick them up or are they unbreakable?
Sassiness-How sassy are they?

Here are the results.

  • Flavor- These chips really packed a lot of flavor. Every bite was loaded with spices. They were a bit spicy too, but not spicy enough to clear out my sinuses. 9
  • Crunch- They were really crunchy. Like a tortilla chip. You could probably eat them with salsa or dip, but they are really tastey on their own. 9
  • Grease- Like I said, they are very similar to tortilla chips so they don’t have much grease. They are messy with seasoning though. They get an 8 because I still found myself wiping my hands on my pants after eating one.
  • Thickness-Pretty darn thick. Like a nice thick. Not brittle like the tortilla chips you get at Chili’s. These chips can stand their own. 7
  • Sassiness- These Mild Green Mojos were quite sassy, mostly from the flavor they were loaded with. I would give them a 9 on the sassy scale.

Grand Total: 42!

So far these have been the sassiest snacks I’ve had and I would definitely recommend them. I just noticed I’ve lucked out with all the snacks I’ve reviewed so far. I haven’t had any gross ones yet. Watch, I probably just jinxed myself. Oops.


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