My Endo sucks

I had to go see my old Endocrinologist today because the new one I want to see doesn’t have an opening until December 12th. Of course I’m going to call every week until I can get a sooner one, but until then I have to see my crappy old one. They reason I went ahead and saw him was because I had a laundry list of symptoms that I wanted to ask him about. In addition to my symptoms I’ve been having, I had several questions about Graves’ that I wanted to ask him. The appointment did not go well. It only lasted about 20 minutes because he was trying to rush me out. There was someone else waiting in the lobby and I think he just wanted to hurry and get as many appointments in so he can just make money off of us. This is how I feel every time I go. He never really answers my questions and I’m only rushed. Today I only got about half of my questions answered (if you can even call them answers). When I told him my list of symptoms, he just said he wanted me to get some blood work done. He didn’t say what they were from or if they were even Graves’ related. He just made a blood work order and continued to write in my folder. I basically had to force answers out of him. Every appointment I go to, he spends the whole time writing in my folder, asking me only a few questions, and then not answering mine. Then I pay him $44 dollars. Must be nice. This is why I’m trying to in to see a different Endo. My sister is seeing a really good one (she has Graves’ as well). Her Endo is very thorough and actually talks with her and answers her questions. This is the one that isn’t available until December though. I’m so frustrated right now. I’m going to call the new Endo tomorrow about getting a closer appointment.


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  1. Ms. Health-Esteem
    Sep 01, 2015 @ 18:34:09

    I’m so sorry! That must be so frustrating. I hope you get into that new endo soon!


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