Witchy Wednesday

Just a short one today.


My mom bought me these cute vintage mushroom candles. I’ll be putting them on my altar.

I used to collect vintage mushroom pictures and trinkets I found in thrift store. Slowly got rid of it all with every move I made within the past few years. Maybe I’ll start again?



Updated My ‘About Me’

For those interested, I updated my About Me page.

You should check it out. Or not.

OK bye.

Post oopsie.

So somehow my Thyroid THursday got merged with Witchy Wednesday.  Must have happened during editing. You must have been so confused. Sorry about that. It’s fixed now.

Thyroid Thursday

As you may have noticed, I like alliterations (Motivation Monday, Witchy Wednessday, Sassy Snack Sunday). Why not add another? I give you, Thyroid Thursday. This is where I will post any updates on my own thyroid or any new information I may learn about Graves’ disease and feel inclined to share.

As I may have mentioned before, I’ve been having a bunch of symptoms for the past few months. I decided to go see my Endo to hopefully get some answers. Of course, I didn’t get very many. It’s what I expected though because my Endo sucks and rushes through his appointments just to get to the next one and make more money.

I went in with a long list of questions and an even longer list of symptoms I’m having. Only about half of my questions were answered and when I told him about my symptoms, all he said (while not even looking at me, mind you) “Let’s get you a CBC and we’ll call you. He then sent me on my way, frustrated and annoyed, but not before charging me $44. My whole appointment last about 20 mins. I did what he wanted me to do though. I had the CBC done (blood test for those of you that don’t know) and waited for a call. I got a call from one of his nurses a few days later. I thought maybe they had called me to schedule another appointment to see the doctor and finally get some answers. Nope. All they told me was that my Endo wanted me to alternate my dosage between 10mg and 15mg every other day. That’s it? Really? What about all my symptoms? What’s causing them? That’s all I want to know. I didn’t argue with them though because I knew I wasn’t going to get any answers from them. I decided to go ahead and make an appointment with my normal physician to see if he could maybe give me some answers. He’s a really good doctor so he might be able to tell me something. I also tried calling the new Endo (the really good one that my sister goes to). I already have an appointment with them, but it’s not until December. I need help now though. I called on Monday to see if maybe they had any cancellations. They didn’t. I’m stuck with my crappy Endo and my general physician for now.

I’ve been trying to diagnose myself with my list of symptoms and the help of Google. Here are the different symptoms I’ve been having. I don’t have them all at once or at the same time, but I’ve had them each multiple times:

  • tightness in chest and trouble breathing (mostly at the end of the day. Could just be from working)
  • heart palpitations (every now and then)
  • cramps/tightness in my neck (more often lately)
  • sore throat (everyday)
  • tenderness in the thyroid area
  • muscle weakness
  • extreme exhaustion/fatigue (everyday)
  • rapid heart beat (sometimes)
  • sensitivity to cold
  • chills
  • flu like body ache (everyday)
  • skin sensitivity (slight for right now)
  • stabbing pain in feet, hip joints, femur bone (everyday)
  • insomnia
  • brain fog
  • sensitive teeth/ teeth aches

These are all the ones that I can remember at the moment. With these symptoms, I think I might have Fibromyalgia and/Hashimoto’s. I think I have symptoms of both. I’m not a doctor, so I don’t know for sure, but I’m going to ask my doctor to check for them on Monday. I try not to diagnose myself and tell the doctor how to do his job, but with all the “I don’t know”s over the past few years it’s kind of hard not to. They’re merely just suggestions anyway. He’s the doctor, I’ll let him decide. Like I said, my general physician is pretty good. I’m sure he’ll help me figure it out. The only thing is he’s not a thyroid expert so there’s only so much eh can do.

Long rant about support:

As I may or may not have already mentioned, I had to move back in with my mother earlier this year. In April I decided to start booth renting at a salon. It’s a salon suite so it’s like a mini salon within a larger salon. We get a private room and we are our own bosses. I put my entire tax refund into starting it up. Since it was April, it was beginning of slow season. Not just for my area, but for salons everywhere. Summer is a slow hair season until August and then slows down again for the month of September. I knew I wouldn’t be making a lot of money during this time so I moved back in with my mom. I told her this and thought she understood, but I guess not. These past few months with my flare ups, I’ve still been trying to work as much as I can. Usually 1pm-7pm/ 5 days a week. I often get such a late start because I’m in so much pain and don’t get much sleep the night before, it’s hard to get out of bed. But I still do it and I still go into work, it’s just later in the day. Since it’s been slow season I don’t miss much by sleeping in. Even though I’m in constant pain, I still work until about 7 or 8pm. I’ve only been making enough to pay my booth rent+ gas, food, car insurance and phone bill. Apparently this isn’t enough for my mother. She finally told me Sunday that I am holding her back and that she wants to move on. She didn’t want to have to be taking care of her 28 yr old daughter. It just kind of really hurt because I though she supported me and knew that I was trying as hard as can. I thought wrong. Trust me, I don’t like living with her and having to depend on her for a lot of things. Before I got sick I was living on my own and supporting myself. I was very independent. Moving in with her has been hard on both of us, but I though she’d be more understanding. I know it’s hard on her because my sister is living with us too because of her Graves’ (and she has to have surgery at the end of the month). I’m trying the best I can though. I work through the pain most days because I know I have to try to make money. I can’t get another job because I wouldn’t have a flexible schedule like this anywhere else. I need to be able to make my own others with my flare ups and until I figure out why I’m having all these symptoms. I take medicine like I’m supposed, I’ve cut gluten and dairy and I’ve cut down on my sugar intake. That’s why I think I might have some other autoimmune diseases (it’s common to get a few at a time). I’m also trying really hard not to complain at home because my sister has Graves’, Hashimotos, and Thyroiditis. Plus she’s having surgery next week. She doesn’t have all the pain and symptoms that I have though. I’ve asked. Still, I’ll only do my complaining and ranting here. Sorry in advance. This is all for right now though.

Witchy Wednesday [Mabon]

[I’m back to blogging. I’m still feeling bleh, but i’ll tell you more about that in my thyroid update post tomorrow.]

Last night I had my solitary Mabon ritual. I was going to have a ritual with my mom and sister on Monday night, but my mom made me mad and I wasn’t in the mood.

I had a good ritual by myself though. It was kind of put together at the last minute because I wasn’t going to have it at all. Therefore, it was short and sweet which was good because I was going to have a fire and it was hot outside. Typical Florida night.

Set up:

edited altar

I used a cinder block and a giant tile I found laying on the back porch. It was a simple altar. I have my oil pitcher in the top left corner and my apple slice food offering in the opposite corner. In the little bowl I have apple seeds to represent Earth, a feather for Air, my wand for Fire, and a bottle of rain water for Water. A smudge stick (which I totally forgot to use. Oops. Fire is cleansing so it’s okay.) I also had my indoor altar cauldron to dispose of spell remnants after the ritual.)


First thing I did was start the fire. We have a fire pit on the back patio, so I just used that. Obviously. I also made sure to have a pitcher of water nearby to extinguish it at the end or to put out any stray embers that decided to jump out (which I had a few). Safety First!!


After my was going and crackling, I cast a circle with my wand. Even though I like working with the elements, I didn’t call them to my circle, because I’m still not comfortable doing that yet.

After my circle was cast, I took some leaves and wrote a few things I was thankful for on each one.

edited leaves

Family. Work. I also made a few more after I took the picture. My health (even though I am really sick, I’m still not as sick as others). I also wrote a gratitude leaf for Jesus and Heavenly Father (Mormon Pagan remember?). When I was done I threw them into the fire and said a prayer of gratitude.

Next thing I did was pour in my oil and throw in my apple slices as offerings.


I said another prayer of thanks and then waited for the slices to burn. Which was a really long time by the way. I then closed the circle. I disposed of my spell remnants that were in my cauldron then I put out the fire with the water.

It was a short ritual, but it got my point across.


So I missed Motivation Monday and I’ll be missing Witchy Wednesday. I’m having a blah week with Graves and don’t feel like posting. I also don’t have anything queued. I’ll be back next week though.

Sassy Snack Sunday [9/6/15]

Today’s sassy snack is another “potato” chip. Late July’s Mild Green Mojo. Isn’t that such a fun name?


They are organic, gluten free certified, and contain no GMO.



They also have this promise at the top of the bag:
“We donate 10% of profits to causes benefiting children and the planet.”


Here are the other health facts on the back:


They are triangular like a tortilla chip.


I’ll be using the same rubric I used for the Maple Bacon chips since they are in they same category.

On a scale of 1 to 10 for each category-

Flavor-Does it really taste like the flavor it claims to be?
Crunchiness- Are they super crunchy or do they taste stale?
Grease– Can I grease a pan with them or do they leave no trace?
Thickness– Do they fall apart as soon as you pick them up or are they unbreakable?
Sassiness-How sassy are they?

Here are the results.

  • Flavor- These chips really packed a lot of flavor. Every bite was loaded with spices. They were a bit spicy too, but not spicy enough to clear out my sinuses. 9
  • Crunch- They were really crunchy. Like a tortilla chip. You could probably eat them with salsa or dip, but they are really tastey on their own. 9
  • Grease- Like I said, they are very similar to tortilla chips so they don’t have much grease. They are messy with seasoning though. They get an 8 because I still found myself wiping my hands on my pants after eating one.
  • Thickness-Pretty darn thick. Like a nice thick. Not brittle like the tortilla chips you get at Chili’s. These chips can stand their own. 7
  • Sassiness- These Mild Green Mojos were quite sassy, mostly from the flavor they were loaded with. I would give them a 9 on the sassy scale.

Grand Total: 42!

So far these have been the sassiest snacks I’ve had and I would definitely recommend them. I just noticed I’ve lucked out with all the snacks I’ve reviewed so far. I haven’t had any gross ones yet. Watch, I probably just jinxed myself. Oops.

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