Motivation Monday [8/31/15]




Sassy Snack Sunday

Today’s Sassy Snack is gluten free chocolate chip cookies:

gf cookie

gf 2

gf 3

Brought to by Publix and Glutino.

Today’s rubic:

Flavor: How does the flavor compare to real, gluten free cookies?
Sweetness: Do they actually taste like dessert or are they just another cardboard tasting snack?
Softness: Are they soft, and chewy or hard and stale?
Sassiness: On a scale of one to Spock, how sassy are they?

Well I got to say I was a bit skeptical to buy these cookies. Usually when you make a snack gluten free, it takes all the taste and heavenly goodness out of it. I woke up in a bad mood today though, and thought what else do I have to lose? My day is already crappy, these cookies couldn’t possibly make it any worse.

When I pulled the first cookie out of the sleeve, I was expecting to taste a chocolate riddled piece of cardboard. I took my first bite. Boy was I wrong! This cookie was delicious! It tasted like a regular chocolate chip cookie. More than that actually. It tasted like a chocolate chip cookie sprinkled with unicorn tears. Not only did it not taste like cardboard, it was actually very sweet. I was also expecting it to look nothing like the package and only have about two chocolate chips. False! Glutino definitely delivered on the chocolate chips. There were so many chips in eat cookie that it brought tears to my eyes. I have a slight chocolate obsession and these cookies definitely filled that need.

Here  is how I rate these cookies according to my rubric:

Flavor: I would say they taste BETTER than regular chocolate chip cookies. Sorry Nabisco. They get a 10.
Sweetness: These were definitely really sweet. They were almost a little too sweet. Almost. 9.
Softness: They definitely weren’t soft and gooey like Keebler cookies, but hard like Nabisco cookies. That’s not a bad thing though. They weren’t stale tasting like some GF snacks I’ve had. I also didn’t brake any teeth trying to eat any because they weren’t too hard. I guess they were firm. Can you describe a cookie as firm? I guess now you can. 8.
Sassiness: On a scale of one to Spock (who in my opinion is pretty sassy), these cookies are a Captain Kirk (or a 9). I just watched Star Trek again this weekend. Hence my sassy scale.

Over all these cookies get a 36. I would definitely forever choose these cookies over gluten filled cookies. Mostly because I have to, but if I had a choice, these would be it. I really can’t taste a difference except that these test better. Well done, Glutino. Thanks for making taste-y GF treats.

Witchy Wednesday

Found some more witchy beauts at the thrift stores.


Three beeswax candles. I’m trying to convert to only beeswax candles because they are better for you. They don’t release chemicals into the air. Instead, they purify the air.


Also found this small glass pitcher that I want to use for Ritual offering oil.

Not too many Witchy find to share today. I’m trying to cut down on my Goodwill visits. I’ve been spending way too much monies there. I can’t help though, I love thrifting.

The Theory of Everything

A couple of days ago my sister and I rented two Redbox movies. We got Big Hero 6 and The Theory of Everything.

Big Hero 6 was a lot funnier than I thought it would be. Of course were also a lot of feels because it was a Disney movie. I found myself really relating to Baymax:


The Theory of Everything was an amazing movie and actually very inspirational. If you don’t know what it’s about, it’s about the relationship of Stephen and Jane Hawking.

It also showed Stephen’s struggle with his disease and how he slowly lost control of his fine motor skills. He became wheelchair bound, he had a tracheotomy, and he needed someone take care of him 24/7. Through the whole process he never gave up and never lost his sense of humor. They had only given him 2 years to live, but he is still alive today at 72. He has written several books and won many awards.

This is such an inspiration especially lately. I’ve been having a lot of rough days with my Graves. Ever since I got those hives a couple of months ago, I’ve been feeling really crappy. Even though the hives are gone, I still have other symptoms show up. It’s one thing after another. I’ll admit, I have been throwing myself some pity parties lately. I’m not saying I’m not allowed to be in pain and have bad days, but I’ve been complaining about it a lot. Though I have this illness and feel sick and tired most days, I still have quite a bit to be thankful for. I’m in a couple of Graves’ Disease groups on Facebook and a lot of people in the group complain about the smallest things; though some of the people in there really do have it a lot worse. I try not to dwell on what the negative Nancys say and count my blessings.

Every time I have a complaint, I try to counter it with a blessing that others are not fortunate enough to count:

  • Even though I have a hard time getting out of bed every morning, I’m still alive to face another day.
  • Even I hurt all over when I walk and move slowly, I still have the ability to walk.
  • I often get headaches, but I still have my sight.
  • I’m always tired and have trouble sleeping at night, but I have a bed to “sleep” in and a roof over my head.

And the list goes on.

I still have my rough days, but I’m trying to complain about it less because I know other people have their own problems.

Every morning as I’m lying in bed trying to talk myself into getting up, I make sure to include my blessings. They are my fuel to get me through the day. If I just sit around having a pity party, I actually make myself feel worse and nothing gets done. When I stay positive, I feel better and stuff actually gets done, even if it’s a small simple task. It’s one more thing that wouldn’t have gotten down if I had been pitying myself.

Motivation Monday [8/24/15]



Sassy Snack Sunday

In my venture to cut gluten, I’ve been discovering new foods that I can eat and saying good bye to ones that I can’t. Sometimes I’ll find my old favorites redone and gluten free.

I thought I’d share some of the delicious (and maybe not do delicious) gluten free snacks I come across.

Today I’ll be reviewing Kettle Brand Potato Chips. Flavor: Mable Bacon.


I wanted some chips top go with my lunch today and found these. It was the flavor that intrigued me. Maple bacon. Sounds weird but also tastey.


They have a Certified Gluten-Free label right on the front.


In addition to no gluten, they are also MSG and preservatives free.


All right now on to the taste test! Here is the rubric that I will judging the chips on:

On a scale of 1 to 10 for each category-

Flavor-Does it really taste like the flavor it claims to be?
Crunchiness- Are they super crunchy or do they taste stale?
Grease– Can I grease a pan with them or do they leave no trace?
Thickness– Do they fall apart as soon as you pick them up or are they unbreakable?
Sassiness-How sassy are they?

Here we go!

  1. Flavor-They mostly just taste like BBQ chips. There is a sweetness which is the maple, but I can’t really taste the bacon. This is disappointing because I was looking forward to eating bacon flavored chips. For flavor these Maple “Bacon” get a 5.
  2. Crunchiness-The level of crunch, however, is a lot higher. The crunch is so loud I can barely hear myself think. Which is a good thing if you like crunchy foods. Crunch level=9.
  3. Grease-There is grease on them, but it seems to be minimal. I was finding myself wiping my hands on my pants, but little residue was left behind. Grease level=3.
  4. Thickness-These chips are really thick, not like flimsy Lays that are thin and brittle. Thickness level=8.
  5. Sassiness-I don’t feel that these chips are that sassy. I think if I could taste the bacon, they’d be sassier, but they just taste like sweet BBQ chip. Sassy level=5.

Grand total=30.

Though the flavor is a bit misleading, I would still say these chips are still pretty delicious. I would definitely recommend them to fellow gluten-free eaters.

Witchy Wednesday

There are crows that like to hang out in the parking lot at work. A week ago, i found some nice feathers that they had left behind. I brought them home and cleaned/sanitized them:


My dad also gave me a giant shell that was in his yard. He had gotten them from a friend.


It’s perfect for my smudge stick:

shell smudge

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