New Job

I recently had to get a new job. The one I had taking care of a 93 year old man ended. He had been in and out of the hospital and then finally back in because of a stroke. This means I missed two weeks of work and had to start looking for a new job. He is getting better from his stroke he had last week, but they moved him to rehab yesterday and his daughter doesn’t think he will be coming back home. It’s rather sad, but it isn’t really much of a life. He just sleeps all day and night. I did get to go to the hospital to see him. When I first got there he didn’t recognize, but when it was time to leave he started talking to me like he used to. I was sad because I think it might of been my last time seeing him. He is a sweet old man. This is one of the major down side to working in home health care.

I was able to get a new job quickly though, with lots of other offers [and I don’t even have my CNA license yet!]. The new job is in Lakeland, FL which is about an hour and a half away from where I live. Before you gasp in surprise, I only have to make one round trip a week. I drive there Tuesday and stay from 10pm until Friday at 5pm. I get to stay in the guest bedroom so I don’t have to drive back and forth everyday and I’m there in case the lady needs my help in the middle of the night.

My duties will include getting the woman up at 7am and helping her with her morning routine and breakfast. She is still pretty mobile with the walker, but she needs help lifting and reaching items. She can still go to the bathroom on her own and do other things. Part of helping her with her daily routines, I also keep her company. She likes to play card and board games and watch NCIS. Shouldn’t be too hard since I like to do those things too. I think the trickiest thing will be getting her routine down. Even though she has mild dementia and might not remember some things, she will know that it’s wrong and might get upset.  I did get to meet her on Saturday and she seems nice. Dementia though can cause confusion and frustration. I just have to redirect her thoughts and calm her down.

The daughter then comes over from 5pm-10pm to give me a break. She will make the woman dinner and help me get her into bed. Then she stays the night with her on Friday when I leave. I’m kind of excited to start a new job, but also kind of nervous that they might change their mind about me. I doubt it though. Not to toot my own horn, but my last client and his daughter really loved me. We will see how it goes. It starts tonight. Wish me luck!


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