Brain Fog


Since it’s been a while since my last real post, I’ll get you caught up.

I haven’t really been in the mood to blog these past couple of weeks. I’ve been kind of busy trying to get my Etsy shop up and running. The grand opening is March 4th (this Wednesday) and I still have a lot to do. Though I have gotten quite a bit done, I still feel like I can’t focus enough to finish everything on time. But I will. There are some things that I can just do later. I have been really good at the social media part. I’ve started a separate blog for the shop, plus a Tumblr, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and Facebook.

I think one reason for the brain fog is my low vitamin D levels. I went to the doctor last week to get a check up and he said they are one of the lowest he has ever seen. He put me on 10,000 MUI and I’ve been trying to sit out in the sun for at least 15 mins a day. I can’t sit out there too long or I will burn (redhead problems). He said it also causes crankiness [✓], mood swings [✓], and muscle/bone pain[✓]. I’m starting to think that this chronic back pain that I’ve had since my surgery in 2012. I remember that right after the surgery, my doctor told me I was low on vitamin D. I took vitamins for a while, then kind of just quit. I guess back then I didn’t think it was that important (plus I didn’t know about the side affects back then). Since I’ve been taking my vitamins though, my back has been hurting less. It’s kind of funny if that’s all it was. But also not if the solution has been this easy the whole time.

I also having really been feeling that spiritual lately. I think I’ve hit kind of a bump in my path, but I think I can get back on course. I didn’t stick to Lent like I said I would. When I got wrapped up in making jewelry, I watched Netflix to keep myself going. If I’m not multitasking, I tend to lose focus. It’s weird how that works. I always have to be watching TV while I’m making jewelry or doing something else while I’m watching TV. Always gotta be doing something. Probably because I have a billion thoughts racing through my mind at once. I also didn’t give up sugar like I wanted to. I figured I probably wouldn’t be able too. I’ve never been one to quit something cold turkey. I have cut down on it though. I need to get stricter about it though because my doctor also told me I need to cut it, as well as carbs. All the good stuff! Rude. With the new month, I’m am going to start fresh. I’m going to actually start working on the things I outlined to work on for Lent. I’m also going to re-focus on my New Year’s goals.

Work is going good. My patient is still hanging on. He gave me kind of scare 2 Sundays ago though. He was having really bad chest pains. I had to call the paramedics and they took him to the ER. I couldn’t get a hold of his daughter so I sat with him for about 5 hours until I finally got a hold of her. He ended up being in the hospital for about a week while they monitored him. It turned out to be nothing series, so that’s good.

Well that’s pretty much what I’ve been up to for the past two weeks. I’ll try to start blogging more this week.


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