Motivation Monday [3/30/15]

motivation monday


Humpday Motivation [3/25/15]

Since I missed Monday Motivation, here is some Humpday Motivation to get over that hump and on with the rest of your week.


New Job

I recently had to get a new job. The one I had taking care of a 93 year old man ended. He had been in and out of the hospital and then finally back in because of a stroke. This means I missed two weeks of work and had to start looking for a new job. He is getting better from his stroke he had last week, but they moved him to rehab yesterday and his daughter doesn’t think he will be coming back home. It’s rather sad, but it isn’t really much of a life. He just sleeps all day and night. I did get to go to the hospital to see him. When I first got there he didn’t recognize, but when it was time to leave he started talking to me like he used to. I was sad because I think it might of been my last time seeing him. He is a sweet old man. This is one of the major down side to working in home health care.

I was able to get a new job quickly though, with lots of other offers [and I don’t even have my CNA license yet!]. The new job is in Lakeland, FL which is about an hour and a half away from where I live. Before you gasp in surprise, I only have to make one round trip a week. I drive there Tuesday and stay from 10pm until Friday at 5pm. I get to stay in the guest bedroom so I don’t have to drive back and forth everyday and I’m there in case the lady needs my help in the middle of the night.

My duties will include getting the woman up at 7am and helping her with her morning routine and breakfast. She is still pretty mobile with the walker, but she needs help lifting and reaching items. She can still go to the bathroom on her own and do other things. Part of helping her with her daily routines, I also keep her company. She likes to play card and board games and watch NCIS. Shouldn’t be too hard since I like to do those things too. I think the trickiest thing will be getting her routine down. Even though she has mild dementia and might not remember some things, she will know that it’s wrong and might get upset.  I did get to meet her on Saturday and she seems nice. Dementia though can cause confusion and frustration. I just have to redirect her thoughts and calm her down.

The daughter then comes over from 5pm-10pm to give me a break. She will make the woman dinner and help me get her into bed. Then she stays the night with her on Friday when I leave. I’m kind of excited to start a new job, but also kind of nervous that they might change their mind about me. I doubt it though. Not to toot my own horn, but my last client and his daughter really loved me. We will see how it goes. It starts tonight. Wish me luck!

Ostara Altar

I forgot to post a few things in my ‘Ostara Ritual’ post. I wanted to show my Ostara Altar because it shows my new altar setting. My old altar set up was on top of my dresser. My dresser is tall thought and I had to stand at my altar. Now it’s on a short table where I can drag my meditation cushion over and sit in front of it. Since I don’t practice magic, my altar will be used for prayer and scripture reading as well as holding my crystal grids and other spiritual things. I also hung a shelf above my altar as kind of an extension. It holds my clock, mortar and pestles, sage stick and dish, and a few other things.

Here’s the view from my cushion.

My shelf which includes and dream catcher I made a while back and blue hanging candle holders. This silver thing in front of the picture of Jesus is actually a tiny bucket I found at Hobby Lobby. It was so cute that I had to get it. I didn’t know what I was going to do with it at first, but it was only $0.79 so why not? One day I decided to hang in on a necklace chain and use it for a cone incense burner. I love it!

I hung it in front of the open window for the picture so you could see the smoke.

My altar lit up. I’ve never been into Easter that much, so I just keep my altar simple as far as Ostara ‘decorations’ went.

Here’s a close up:

There’s my Jesus candle to represent the Christian part of Easter (I kind of celebrated Easter as well as Ostara). In the middle by the candle is my balance plaque thingy. It’s something I’ve had for a long time and thought it would be perfect since Ostara is about balancing light and dark. In the middle foreground is my ‘New Beginnings’ bottle I made from this post. Then on the right side of ‘balance’ is my lone Ostara decorations of a beaded egg I found in a box of stuff my mom gave me.

That’s it for my new altar. A few other things I forgot to mention in my last post was my new egg sprout:

At the ritual we got plastic eggs that were filled with a mix of seeds to represent growth/new beginnings. I planted mine in an and won’t know what it is until it starts growing. They just kind of randomly mixed the seeds together.

And my Ostara crown I made that I forgot to where to the ritual:

Ostara Crown Amethyst
Amethyst Ostara Crown

I made is using vines, hemp, palm frond for the braid, and and amethyst with copper wire. I posted these pictures on Tumblr and they got over 3,000 notes, meaning they were really popular. I will either make more to sell in my Etsy shop Solnix or make a tutorial. Or both. We’ll see.

Well that’s everything I wanted to add to my Ostara themed posts.

Ostara Ritual

This past Friday (March 20th) was Ostara. It was my 3rd Sabbat I celebrated, but my first one I celebrated with others. There is a local metaphysical shop at the Flea Market that put on an Ostara Ritual. I was kind of nervous to go at first [because I have social anxiety], but I ended up having a really good time. I was kind of quiet at first like I usually am around new people. There was just this energy there though that made me feel right at home and I instantly opened up. I got there at 5;30 and there were only about 10 people there. It was closer to 6 that the majority started showing up and we started to feast. When we started eating, Mama Mojo [she owns the shop] had us go around the circle and introduce ourselves. Normally I hate these kinds of things because I hate talking in front of large groups, but that energy I mentioned early made me comfortable and I felt like I was among old friends.

We talked for a while while we ate and more people showed up. After we ate we got a couple of visitors. This man and woman that breed goats and sheep brought their newest baby sheep and baby goat.

he sheep’s name was Lucky because he was born on Friday the 13th.

he goat was born on St. Patty’s Day. Her name was Collette.
[These pictures were taken from the FB page of The Magickal Muse.
I didn’t take my camera because I didn’t know I they allowed pictures to be taken at their gatherings.
Apparently they do.]

After animal time we had music time. People brought drums and other instruments I don’t know the name of. They were these bowls that you rub a special stick around it’s brim. It would then start humming and vibrating in your hand. It was pretty cool. Everyone who had an instrument shared so I got to play a drum for a while. I want to save up and buy my own drum before the next one.

Once it got dark, probably around 7pm or 8pm [I didn’t really keep track of time because I was having such a good time] we started the ritual.

I did happen to take this picture with my phone when I first got there. This is the ritual table and the fire pit that we lit before the ritual.

The ritual was really great. I don’t know if I can really talk about what we did, but I will tell a little. Since Ostara is about new beginnings and balance we each said something negative that we wanted to give up and a positive thing we wanted to replace it with.

My negative thing I wanted to give up was clutter, not just physical, but emotional and mental. I feel like I have way too many things and they are therefore making the rest of my life feel cluttered and messy. I want to become a minimalist and get my life organized [positive to replace negative]. That is one of my New Year’s goals anyway. I’m still having a hard time following through with it. Now I’m just going to work a little harder at it. Another reason I want to become a minimalist is because I want to eventually live in a van and travel around the US [I’ll talk more about this goal later]. It’s been a goal of mine for a while. I just want to see the world starting with the States. My stuff is weighing me down.

After the ritual we had hugging time and then dispersed. I ended up making a few new friends and having a really good time. I hope they do these rituals for all the Sabbats because I really want to go to more. The energy was just so amazing, not only because of the amount of people, but because of the eclipse and it being a new moon. By the way, I still need to go back and watch it online. SInce I live in America, we didn’t get to actually see it and the live online viewing was at like 3:45 am. I was definitely sleeping.

Here is a picture of the beautiful sunset later that day though:

[It was taken on my phone so forgive the quality.]

What did you do for Ostara?

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