What Dreams May Come…

Lately I’ve been keeping a dream journal. I started it as part of my spiritual journey. I write down the dreams as best as I can, writing mostly what I feel is of importance. I think look at different dream dictionaries and interpret what they might mean. Sometimes I also write my own interpretations of what I feel they might mean. My dreams have been really helpful lately on my path to finding my way.

Last night I had kind of a morbid dream. I don’t remember that much except that I was in a room with an old friend and all of a sudden the roof collapsed. Inside were parts of a dead body. Gross I know. I couldn’t go back to sleep after that. I did the interpretation using dreamhawk.com and it actually sounds positive. Here is the excerpt:

Body Dismembered

This suggests emotional or mental stress and breakdown. As difficult as this is to meet in actual life, it may be followed by emergence of a new self. The dream could also suggest that you are tearing yourself apart in facing a difficult situation, and this could be causing your present inner and outer life to fall apart. This may be the result of living a life that was not true to your own inner needs or the needs of the present. Sometimes habits of response to life that were generated in your past are so damaging they lead to this self destruction. The need is therefore to recognise them and let them go or transform them. It is worth remembering that feeling dismembered or torn to pieces by events is just that – a feeling. The feeling leads you to see life in that way – as a threat and not worth having. But such feelings can be moved beyond. 

The dream may depict parts of yourself that have been torn apart because you discarded them, have feelings of guilt about them, or you repressed or split off from them.


This definitely applies to me right now. I’ve made it my main goal this year to begin a spiritual journey and find the right path for me. So far that path has been to find my way back to Christianity by studying other religions and incorporating some of their beliefs into my daily practices. [Examples: meditation, crystal healing, chakra healing, reiki, etc.] It may not make sense to other people, but it makes sense to me. It’s my journey, not theirs. In adopting these new habits, I’m trying to purge myself of bad/harmful habits that damage my spirit. This dream to me represents me tearing myself away from those bad habits and forming these new ones that build my spirituality and bring me closer to God.


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