Scripture Sunday

Every year the Mormons are challenged to read the Book of Mormon in 365 days.

And every year I attempt to do so and fail.

Maybe this year will be different? I’ve already gotten a late start by just starting 2 days ago. Better late then never though right? [My life motto]

My main problem is I always start in from the beginning, in 1 Nephi and end up getting bored because I’ve read it like a thousand times. I then get frustrated and quit. This time I decided to jump around and go at my own pace.

I started with 3 Nephi 1.


Before I summarize the chapter, I just wanted to point out something in verse 3. It reads:

“Then he [Nephi Sr.] departed out of the land, and whither he went, no man knoweth;”

I just thought that was interested because it said the same thing about Helaman. Is that how the elderly died? They just wandered off and never came back? It sounds like it was a common thing that just happened and no one questioned it. I just thought it was weird. Alright, on to the summary of the chapter.

In Helaman, the people were given warning by the prophets that there would be signs in 5 years time to mark the birth of the Savior. They were also told about the sign the night before the birth.

[Helaman 14:2] “…great lights in heaven, insomuch that the night before he cometh there shall be no darkness, insomuch that it shall appear unto man as if it were day.” After this night of no darkness, the Saviour would be born and then a star would appear.

When the 5 years had come, the people began to see the signs and witness many miracles, yet there were those that didn’t believe. How could they not believe when they were actually witnessing these thing? The naysayers then decided to kill the believers. Even though, the believers were going to be put to death, their faith did not dwindle because they knew the sign was coming.

When Nephi found out about the naysayers, he went to the Lord and prayed and the Lord gave them the sign.

The sign finally came, the night without darkness, and that is finally when the non-believers started to believe.

These people were given a 5 year warning that there were going to be many signs marking the Savior’s  birth, they witnessed the many signs and miracles, and still didn’t believe until darkness was taken away from them.

It just goes to show how stubborn and faithless people are on less they are given hardcore physical evidence. We have to be like the believers and hold steadfast through the end.

Where are you in your scripture reading?


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